Visualizing Your Ideal Body
Video class with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • How to visualize your ideal body
  • The importance of using all your senses
  • How the process will get easier


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People, when they visualize, some of them are visual people, some of them are auditory, some of them are kinesthetic, so you want to be in a scene. I used to have this scene where I was running on the beach in perfect shape and I would feel the wind going by me, and I would hear the ocean, and I would feel the sun, and I would feel the way my skin felt – tanned, and tight, and strong, and then I’d dive into the ocean. You’ve got to really kind of invoke as many senses as you can. Some people say to me I can’t visualize, and I say well can you kind of – what would it feel like to be in perfect shape – and then they can do that. So start with whatever you have and you get better and better.

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