Weight Loss: Mental Obesity
Video class with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • How mental obesity gets in the way of weight loss
  • Why it seems so difficult to break your bad habits
  • How to abandon your negative beliefs


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In the book one of the things I talk about is something I call mental obesity, and that is beliefs that get in the way of you losing weight. And beliefs are really like reality filters, so what I mean by that is if you don’t believe something is possible you sort of filter out that experience from happening. And a lot of people think that they were born to be fat, they’re genetically fat, they can’t lose weight – all of these things and that’s simply because they don’t understand their body and they’ve been going about it the wrong way time and time again. So if you’re going about it by dieting and tricking your body into activating these famine programs every single time, you’re going to get the same results every single time. So you develop this belief that I can’t lose weight, but it’s almost like – one time my cat brought a bird into my office and the bird is trying to escape through a window, but the window is closed and it doesn’t understand that the window is closed and it just keeps pounding and pounding and pounding because it makes sense; it’s logical, it should be able to go out, it doesn’t see the window. But it’s wrong, right? There’s a window over here that’s open. All it has to do is go from here to here and it can fly out. It’s the same thing with losing weight. If you try to lose weight time and time again by dieting, every time it’s wrong it makes sense – calories in, calories out – cut calories you should lose weight, but it’s wrong because it activates your body’s fat programs. It tricks your body into thinking you’re in a famine. It gets your body to want to be fat. The minute you go out the right window, that is you understand that your body is activating these famine programs and you get your body to turn off those famine programs it can fly away and your body loses weight. So you have to really abandon that belief that you can’t lose weight or that you were born to be fat or genetically fat and all that, otherwise it can get in the way. So I have a whole system of affirmations that you can use to reprogram that belief that it’s difficult to lose weight.

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