Weight Loss: Why People Hate Exercise
Video class with Jon Gabriel


Join Jon Gabriel as he talks about:

  • How forcing yourself to exercise is never going to work
  • Ways to trick your body into wanting to exercise
  • How exercise will up your energy levels


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In the beginning people hate exercise because when the FAT programs are on your body is going to lower your metabolism, it’s going to want to conserve energy, and it’s not going to want you to exercise. And that’s the real reason why people hate exercise – the fat program is on. So if you give yourself a chance to turn your fat programs on, you may find in a month, two months, you might want to start doing something fun like playing basketball or whatever you used to love to do as a kid you may start connecting to that. So don’t force yourself in the beginning. Give yourself a chance to eliminate the real reasons your body needs to be fat or why your body is holding onto weight. And then watch to see if you have more energy – you might start to become more active organically, rather than force yourself or turn it into such a program.

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