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My first step was to embrace compliments. From the moment I had this realization, I took it upon myself to force myself to say “Thank you”
and smile whenever I got a compliment. And trust me, when you’re losing weight and EVERYONE
is noticing, you really do get used
to it fast…. I couldn’t be happier!

Nicole Spitaliero
Weight Loss: 41kg (90 lbs) in 14 months

Your story of how you grew to be bigger than your business partner enabled me to realize that I had done the same thing.

My father was a big man, probably 110-120 kgs, so in an effort to protect myself, my mother and my brother, I grew to be
140 kgs. I also realized that I was
using my fat to physically distance
myself from my father’s rage. I am
still dumbfounded that my body did
what it did to protect me.

Sarah Howard
Weight Loss: 60 kg (132 lbs)

…I Was Losing Weight At a Rate of 5-7 Pounds a Week!
My Personal Transformation

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