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Kim’s First Steps to Sustainable Weight Loss
1-on-1 Coaching Session with Kim to Uncover the Emotional Issues Affecting Her Weight

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Kim is a young mom with a big family, who has struggled with weight problems for her whole life, including anorexia as a teenager. In this intensive one-on-one coaching session, see how Kim and Jon explore the root causes of her weight gain and come up with a practical plan to move forward.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to move from being overwhelmed and busy to a more mindful and relaxed state
  • Compassionate tips on dealing with trauma or loss
  • Practical strategies to incorporate visualization and mind-body wellness throughout your day
  • The final steps on a weight-loss journey

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I have lost 205lbs (93kgs). I feel truly blessed I found The Gabriel Method.

– Tracy

Tracy loses 205 pounds by addressing her 'emotional obesity' issues…


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