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Case Study Coaching: Brigitte
1-on-1 coaching session with Brigitte, losing the last 10 lbs after having lost 35 lbs (16kg) with The Gabriel Method.

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Brigitte is in her 60s, has lost 35 lbs (16kg) with The Gabriel Method, and has just a few more pounds that she would like to lose. In this one-on-one session, Brigitte and Jon discuss how the program worked her, what aspects were most important to her success, and a few small strategies she could try, to get to her ideal weight.

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(UPDATE: Brigitte recently sent Jon a message that she has lost her last 10 pounds and is feeling better than ever. And she hasn’t had to give up any of her favourite foods!)


Brigitte Loses Her Last 10lbs & Discovers Amazing Laughter Therapy

Any weight loss program needs to be sustainable over the long term & The Gabriel Method is certainly that!

– Brigitte

To learn more about Brigitte's Laughter Therapy practice visit her website here:


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