Focus on the Small Stuff Micronutrients, Health & Weight Management


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Join best-selling author and weight loss expert Jon Gabriel, along with special guest teachers & nutrition pioneers, Mira and Jayson Calton, for an ultra-practical class on micronutrients and why they are important for weight loss. We'll talk about how to reduce micronutrient depletion, and what supplements really work.



  • What micronutrients are & why they are important for weight loss
  • Why modern day diets are full of “naked calories”
  • How to switch from a poor to rich diet
  • Strategies to reduce micronutrient depletion
  • What supplements really work

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Dear Reader,

It's time to get micro! Micronutrient-focused, that is.

In traditional diet methods, we are often told to cut out a big- “macro” part of our diet- like carbs or fat. But if you've been following The Gabriel Method you know that those methods simply do not work.

And this is why I'm writing to you today…

“Focus on the Small Stuff” sheds light on the importance of micronutrients for health and weight loss. I'm very pleased to be joined by authors and experts Mira and Jayson Calton for a very special online webinar addressing this one very specific issue.

During this ultra-practical class, you'll learn what micronutrients are, how are bodies get them, and what you can do to avoid depleting them. We'll learn what makes up a “rich” diet, and how to choose the best nutrition supplements.

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Thanks for your interest in this class and in transforming your health. We look forward to seeing you in class…

In health,

Gabriel Method

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