Success Stories – Gabriel Method

“I feel truly blessed…”

Weight Loss: 93 kg (205 lbs)

Seven years ago I weighed over 200kg. I had yo- yo dieted since I was 13 and was desperate to lose weight. I had undergone a routine surgery and woke up on a ventilator as the surgery went wrong. During my recovery a nurse reached out to me and told me I needed to stop dieting as it was killing me and I needed to focus on just being healthy. Eating nutritious foods, gentle exercise and being more positive, and stop hating myself! During the next years I did this and managed to lose about 40-50kg.

Four years ago I was given a copy of The Gabriel Method. I read it and cried buckets of tears. I empathized with Jon’s journey. I felt like we were connected. I was so inspired to continue on my own journey I embraced his visulisation and program.

I have now lost 93kg. I feel truly blessed I found The Gabriel Method. I encourage EVERYONE to read it.

“The fear of gaining the weight back is gone, replaced with an understanding of how my body and mind work.”

Zelda H.
Weight Loss: 38kg (84lbs)

I am a 51 year young woman and have been overweight since my university years. Really obese since 1999. I’ve weighed 150 – 155kg most of my life, losing a couple of kgs and then gaining that and more. I could never understand why I could not lose the weight – I’m an intelligent person with a nursing degree, a lot of willpower, but nothing ever worked.

I was absolutely gob-smacked after reading the 1st three sentences of your book and by the end of chapter 1, I just broke down and cried. When my husband asked me what was wrong with me, all I could get out was that it was not my fault! The years of self hate/criticism just all came rushing out. This was Feb 2014. I have since lost 38kg and feel fantastic. The fear of gaining the weight back is gone, replaced with an understanding of how my body and mind works.

I am enjoying the meditations very much and can’t wait each day for the next one. Words cannot begin to say how much your book has meant to me. Thank you so much.

“I have lost 83 pounds and have kept it off. It has been the greatest bit of knowledge I have ever learned.”

Sue Gyllenskog

Sue Gyllenskog
Weight Loss: 38kg (84lbs)

Exactly three years ago I started the Gabriel Method. I have lost 83 pounds and have kept it off. It has been the greatest bit of knowledge I have ever learned.

Because of my improved health and stamina, I went to London two years ago and had a great time. I am returning to London in September for a three week genealogy research trip. This is something I would have never been able to do pre-Gabriel.

In my lifetime, I have lost huge amounts of weight only to put it right back on. I even lost 140 pounds in 1991 and gained it all back in 1992.

I’ve been told that a woman post menopause couldn’t lose weight…..totally not true!!

I was told, by an M.D., that I could eat ANYTHING I wanted, just not eat after 7 pm. It amazes me on how much the medical community doesn’t know about nutrition!!!

“The only real risk is being healthier”

Christian Petersen
Weight Loss: 52 kilos (115 lbs)

Christian shares his inspirational story about his journey and talks in depth about how The Gabriel Method was able to help transform his mind and body. Christian learned about the things that were holding him back and talks about his accomplishments due to his weight loss.

“Type 2 Diabetes Reversed!”

Weight Loss: 10 kg (22 lbs)

Taryn shares her incredible story of how her diabetes was reversed using the Gabriel Method. By managing her stress, emotions and eliminating fear, Tara lost 10 kilos and got rid of her Type 2 Diabetes, much to the surprise of her doctor.

“To our perfect life!”

Sharon (2012-2013 Case Study Participant)

One week down and loving the Case Study program, especially the visualizations. Thank you for taking the time to create this program.

My session with Brian Killian was just what I needed. I was a little overwhelmed with the food choices, especially how to incorporate the big 3 into meals and snacks, when I would have normally just eaten just veggies and fruit. Talking to Brian was amazing, he helped me work out that I wasn’t eating enough protein, so I could immediately work with that. I felt very connected and he gave me plenty of suggestions and made sense. He suggested the genetically thin visualisation and it is amazing, as the ‘ideal me’ steps into my cells I tingle in delight!!

I was a little anxious going into the weekend as we had a very heavy social agenda of two restaurant meals (including a degustation!!) and a dinner party lunch. Normally after a weekend like this I would have added two kilos. This morning I weighed the exact same as I weighed on Friday morning. Amazing! I was less interested in the food and even left a lot of food on my plate. It was no big deal. My husband asked me this morning if I was taking an appetite suppressant!! He is so used to me cleaning my plate.

Thank you. I have always loved my life, but now I am looking forward to the weeks and months ahead when I can run and dance on the beach.

To our perfect life!

“Jon’s audio visualizations have opend a new realm for me, of safety and peace.”

Tam (Case Study Participant)

I have been telling anyone who will listen. And I have not yet lost a pound, but I was able to see how stressful my life had become, and how badly I have damaged myself from dieting for 40 years….and I am only 52. I have been working for months to understand the concept of nourishing my metabolism into a healthy balance, without success. Then a friend recommended Jon’s book. I jumped in a few weeks ago, into every program of Jon’s that I could. I had a chance to speak to Jon and as I began to tell him my frenzied story, he stopped me, and helped me see why I am stuck, and assured me that we would figure out the details. I was pretty stunned to see how genuine he is about finding solutions for his clients. The visualizations have been very helpful to me. I already meditate, and Jon’s audio visualizations have opend a new realm for me, of safety and peace. I am documenting my journey. I do not have a massive success story yet. But I will, just as soon as some details are ironed out in my mind and body. I hope to be a great success story to guide my friends and loved ones to a true source of wellness.

“I found my self-confidence growing”

Desiree Lourens
Weight Loss: 54 kg (119 lbs) in 1 year

I had given up on trying to lose weight. I had lost a lot of weight a number of times before only to gain it back again. I reached a point of absolute despair. I was either going to lose the weight or my life.

In January 2012, I decided to fight for my life. This time I wanted to change my life, not only lose weight. I wanted answers to why I kept on regaining the weight. I did research on the internet and came across The Gabriel Method.

After reading Jon’s book and listening to the evening visualization CD, I found my self-confidence growing. I started wanting to exercise and my food choices changed. As of January 2013, I have lost 54 kg (119 lbs). I am confident that I will reach my goal weight by the end of of 2013.

Jon and his staff are my go-to guys and I am always learning and discovering new things through their website. I am eternally grateful to Jon and his staff for their unselfish love and care for us. Thank you and God Bless.

“I Couldn’t be Happier!”

Nicole Spitaliero
Weight Loss: 41kg (90 lbs) in 14 months

My first step was to embrace compliments. From the moment I had this realization, I took it upon myself to force myself to say “Thank you”and smile whenever I got a compliment. And trust me, when you’re losing weight and EVERYONE is noticing, you really do get used to it fast…. I couldn’t be happier!

“…my Body Did What it Did to Protect Me!”

Sarah Howard
Weight Loss: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Your story of how you grew to be bigger than your business partner enabled me to realize that I had done the same thing. My father was a big man, probably 110-120 kgs, so in an effort to protect myself, my mother and my brother, I grew to be 140 kgs. I also realized that I was using my fat to physically distance myself from my father’s rage. I am still dumbfounded that my body did what it did to protect me.

“I Lost 51 Kilos in About Six Months”

Amanda Pearson
Weight Loss: 51 kg (113 lbs) in 7 months

I lost 113 pounds (51 kilos) in about six months and I’ve kept it off now for over a year. Also my blood sugar levels went from a dangerously high 19 down to 6. I’m now within the normal range. They say I still have diabetes but I don’t think so.

“I Look Forward to Getting my New Body”

Miles Sheba
Weight Loss: 40 kg (88 lbs)

The hardest thing now is for me to not run over to family and friends and preach about how their eating all the time is causing their FAT programs to switch on etc.

I look forward to achieving my new body in a few months, and hopefully spreading the word, to people who are ready to hear it.

“I Have Never Felt this Happy in My Life Before”

Helen Duhigg
Weight Loss: 55 kg (122 lbs)

It has been exactly as you say on the CD. I listen to it and say “that is so true”.

How can I thank you for your dedication and years of research. Without it, I’m sure my life would still suck and I’d still look abnormal!

I know by December I’ll have a flat stomach, good arms and my ideal body. Then we will really celebrate.

“I feel so good inside that I’m almost bursting out of my skin.”


Weight Loss: Size 22 down to Size 18, in 4 months

My belt now does up 3 notches further in; my pants are all baggy and horrible looking (but I still wear them!); my chins have reduced in number and my puffy cheeks are de-puffing too. I LOVE it. And even better …. I feel so good inside that I’m almost bursting out of my skin.

I have gone from a size 22 to a size 18 between December 2012 and April 2013. Still losing and noticing big changes in my body shape. Especially my arms which have never before reduced in size with diet or exercise.

My eternal gratitude for your support!

“I Look Good & Feel Amazing!”

Allen Scotty Davidson
Weight Loss: 40 kg (88 lbs)

Thanks for sharing such a remarkable winning weight loss solution for obesity, this has saved my life Jon. This has saved my life.

“…it Was a Breeze”

Andrew Ryda
Weight Loss: 30 kg (66 lbs)

The visualization CD helped me to sleep better at night, and after just one week, I knew that my body was losing weight.

I have lost 66 lbs (30 kgs) so far. Once the ‘switch’ was turned off, it was a breeze; the first 26 kgs came off in 26 weeks. Incredibly, this has been one of the easiest tasks I have ever completed, yet it has come with so many benefits. It is no understatement to say that The Gabriel Method has changed my life.”

“I Eat What I Want…”

Weight Loss: 30 kg (66 lbs)

The Gabriel Method has changed my life. I’ve lost 30 kilos. I’m not on a diet. I’ve changed my lifestyle. I eat what I want. I want different foods… different than what I wanted before.

I used to take anti-depressants and blood pressure tablets. I don’t take them anymore. My husband can’t keep up with me! He doesn’t know where I get my energy from.

“I Was Losing Weight Without Much Effort”

Lucinda “Cindy” Martin
Weight Loss: 48kg (106 lbs) in 3 years

Every night I would visualize my body exactly the way I wanted to look. It wasn’t hard work; in fact, I was losing weight without much effort. After a few weeks, my blood pressure was within the normal range and my kidney levels had also come down. Jon’s method helped me have another two years of freedom off dialysis and effortlessly I lost another 53 lbs (24 kg).

“I am Living Proof of Your Book’s Success!”

Blain Vandersteen
Weight Loss: 32 kg (73 lbs)

I have gone from 271 lbs (122 kgs) to 198 lbs (90 kgs). I have found a women that I might be with for the rest of my life. I have never been happier or more mentally stable.

I am living proof of your book’s success. Whoever asks how I lost my weight, which as you know are quite a few people, I have told them about your book … everyone is amazed and lots of people don’t recognize me. So again thank you!

“A new you, instantly”


Ann Crenshaw
Weight Loss: 23 kg (50 lbs)

I purchased Jon Gabriel’s preloaded visualization MP3 player and immediately started using it nightly. I think this tool has been the feather that tipped the scales to success in my weight loss efforts. Jon’s visualizations help your brain associate with fitness, ease of weight loss, being your ideal body weight. Do them and your brain helps you “match” your visualizations with what you see in the mirror.

Since getting into Jon’s programs, I learned about detoxing, insulin resistance, leptin resistance and many other things that I consider priceless.

By all means, I highly recommend Gabriel Method training. Begin implementing his programs. They work! You create a new you, instantly.

“I feel so in control of my life now”

Alison McPike

Alison McPike
Weight Loss: 13kg (29 lbs)

I’m writing today 13 kg lighter and feeling so well! I can now fit into every garment in my wardrobe, things I have not fit into for two years. My cholesterol level has come down two points. I feel so in control of my life now. I think a huge part of it was, one day I was driving and it suddenly hit me, I no longer needed to protect myself, as I am safe. In my waking moments, I now hear you in my head saying ‘your body wants to be thin’. At present I am losing about a kilo per week and well and truly still going. I am eating nutritious food and craving nothing! Thank you for not keeping all this research to yourself.

“…Best Investment in Myself I’ve Ever Made”

Jay Vaccaro
Weight Loss: 27 kg (60 lbs) in 4 months

It’s not a diet, it’s not a quick fix, it’s not difficult at all… I have found several of your nutritional suggestions to be both reasonable and delicious. I have lost roughly 5 inches off my stomach, and inches off other places as well.

I love seeing people that I haven’t seen in a while, because they all tell me how great I look, and ask me what my secret is… it is the best investment in myself I’ve ever made.

“I Have Taken Around 8 Inches off My Waistline”

Gregory Kinda
Weight Loss: 18 kg (40lbs) in 3 months

Here are some of my photos, the first one is from 10/10/08 and the second one is from 3 months later, 1/13/09.

In that time I have taken around 8 inches off my waistline and dropped from 265 lbs. to 225 lbs. It’s as if weight loss is only a small, but such a crucial part of my transformation. I am really feeling so different. Like never before.

“Here I am 20 kilos lighter!”

Steve Luboya
Weight Loss: 20 kg (44 lbs) in 8 months

… and here I am 44+ lbs (20+ kgs) lighter, and it was so much easier than anything I have done before!

Now I am trying to help Lidija [my wife] through it. I know “thanks”doesn’t quite cut it, but thanks for all you have done.

“I have lost 10kg in 2 months”

David Jones
Weight Loss: 10kg (22 lbs) in less than 2 months

I have been doing the method since last year but I truly worked out what it was all about 2 months ago. I now feel as though the FAT switch has really turned. I am a London cab driver, so I go long hours without exercise. I have lost 10kg in 2 months with absolutely no exercise!

“I’m Now Slimmer than I Was When I Was a Teenager”

Smita Patel
Weight Loss: 16 kilos (37 lbs)

I have struggled with my weight for years, and thanks to a low self-esteem I have never been able to gain my ideal body. Until someone suggested I read your book.

Until then I had no idea of the impact a change in mental attitude could have to weight loss. I began doing the meditation and activities every night and just months later I have lost a total of 37lbs and 20.5 inches. I’m now slimmer than I was when I was a teenager, and I feel amazing and it’s all down to you, your CD and your book.

“The Gabriel Method worked, plain and simple”

Weight Loss: 50 kgs (112 lbs)

I started The Gabriel Method in April of 2008 when I weighed about 280 lbs (127 kgs). Since then I’ve lost 50 kgs and I feel great!

I think The Gabriel Method simply reminded my body that it should be youthful at age 16. When I look at photos of the ‘old me’ I can hardly recognize myself. If I were to go back in time right now, I’d think I had a long-lost older brother with a bad ass pony tail!

“I Used To Wear A Size 44 Inch Pants…”

Scott Guyan
Weight Loss: 41 kg (90 lbs)

Thank you for your book, it is fantastic. My weight was 116 kgs and today I weigh 75 kgs, in six months!

I used to wear a size 44 pants, and now I’m down to a 30, which are even kinda loose for me. About a year ago I bought a pair of slim jeans, and this has been the motivation for me to lose weight – I really believe I’ll fit into them soon.

“As of August 8th 2011, my 48th birthday, I have maintained my 60lb (27kgs) weight loss for a year!!”

Terry McCarthy
Weight Loss: 60lbs (27kgs)

Last May 2009, I was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance Syndrome and was requiring 500 to 700 units of insulin a day. I was instructed by my doctors to go on an insulin pump. Last December I read your book in great relief because; finally someone who has actually lost weight through a permanent life style change had written a book on exactly how they accomplished such a monumental task.

Since December 2009 I have lost 60 lbs (27 kgs). I am also now only requiring about 30 units of insulin a day. My doctors look at my A1C records and tell me it borders on miraculous, I have you to thank for my life style change.

“I feel like I have a future full of hope and happiness.”


It makes sense!!! After only a month I’ve noticed a significant change in my moods and it’s helping with my chronic muskuloskeletal pain (Tension Myositis Syndrome) and my migraines are not as painful and less frequent. I started at 178 lbs but have not weighed myself since. I took Jon’s advice and put the scale away for now. For me it’s about feeling better – the weightloss is just a bonus!!!! My husband Brian has enjoyed this process as well. Now, Brian understands what he is doing and more importantly WHY. The selling point: No Deprivation. I feel like I have a future full of hope and happiness. Thank you Jon and the Gabriel Method Team. You are changing the world. God Bless You!

“I’m losing weight and it’s improving every area of my life. I look better, feel better and my relationship with food has completely changed…”


I’m losing weight and it’s improving every area of my life. I look better, feel better and my relationship with food has completely changed. I’m on track to a new beginning, had about 30 pounds to lose to get back to a lean body. Nothing has worked till now. It’s been easy, effective and it’s also having an effect on my alcohol consumption. I just don’t crave it like I used to. Though I still enjoy good wine, I just don’t drink as much because my body doesn’t want it and I don’t feel the need for the stimulation. This is having an effect on my weight too and it’s being done totally naturally. I give my body what it wants and if it doesn’t crave something I don’t give it that and it’s an amazing transformation I’m going through. I don’t crave the same foods I used to and when I eat, whatever it is, I have a spot inside that becomes full before my stomach really feels it and I can stop eating, take a break even, and I’ve never been like that. This is easy and I feel fantastic. I love to walk and have done so for a long time, I’m really enjoying that even more now as I listen to the audio’s in this package (do wish I had more audio though as I’ve listened and listened over and over to what I have). The pounds are not coming off “fast”, they’re coming off slowly but very naturally and easily. I’m really starting to look different, leaner, and I’m keeping off the scale for a few more weeks. It doesn’t matter what the scale says, I look better and know I will continue to look better and better because I’m not dieting, not fighting in a battle to limit food intake and I can tell my body is “working right”, like lean people I now. My fat programs are turned off. The difference in the way I feel is SO AMAZING.

“I lost 61 kg … your books’ secrets changed me and my life”

Jax Johnston
Weight Loss: 61 kg (134 lbs)

I got it and I did it with your book!! I am an advocate of your method!! I bought a second copy for my friend I lost 61 kg through no effort at all; just time and your books’ secrets changed me and my life. In my life I have been at my heaviest a 117kg I am only 5’2. I started putting on weight at 13. The last time I was this weight was 13 so I am a 44 year old woman with a new toy … me never truly knowing how I looked thin! Now on a new daily discovery I find how fantastic my body truly is!! I am now 54 kg yay… People call me tiny- skinny- how would I know what it’s like to be fat haaa they say!! I laugh and say well let me show you there is an easy way I was always a fatty and now I am considered slim and tiny. I still chuckle at that sound…….. Now too mentally change my saggy skin and it’s slowly working I believe haaaa… Thank you Jon merry xmas