Discover How Anne Lost 44lbs (20kgs) with the Help of The Gabriel Method Support Group

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How Anne Lost 44lbs (20kg) Using The Gabriel Method

Since discovering TheGabriel Method, Anne Hines has lost 44 lbs (20 kg) and dropped 8 dress sizes. Anne’s weight loss struggle began at the ripe age of 12, since then she’d been on and off many diets and as a result developed an unhealthy binge-eating habit. Anne was struggling to break-free from this vicious cycle until she found The Gabriel Method.

The Gabriel Method principles resonated with Anne so much that they helped transform her ideas about emotional eating, self-love and stress. Once Anne stopped focusing on what she was eating (or not eating) and focusing instead on healing from the inside out; Anne was able to release and set herself free from the binge eating diet cycle.

I don’t eat in the perfect “GM” way and thoughI still work through it, I remind myself that I eat the way that works for mejust as others have to find a way that works for them.

Through The Gabriel Method Support Group, Anne has found the tools to help support her transformation journey. By practicing daily visualizations and speaking to Jon during his one on one calls she’s been able to identify the triggers that were causing her to hold onto weight and has been able to shed the weight easily and effortlessly. Anne no longer fears the weight will come back, because she’s found the key to permanent and sustainable weight loss.

The Gabriel Method Support Group has been such a gift, it has offered me so much insight and an amazing amount of support!

You’re not alone if you’re in a similar situation to Anne. And you no longer have to continue on this journey alone. The Gabriel Method has created a membership program to help those struggling with chronic dieting and weight gain to find holistic, permanent solutions which will support you in transforming from the inside out.


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