Each month in our private coaching group, one of our Certified Gabriel Method Coaches hosts a LIVE Class where they speak on different topics and themes to help support you throughout your transformation journey.

In this class, Emotional Healing with Melinda Jacobs, Coach Melinda talks about the importance of:

  • Staying Present in an Uncertain Future (Minute 15:43)
  • What practices you can employ to help support you (Minute 7:40)
  • How to stay grounded and use this opportunity to move inward (Minute 23:03)

Melinda is one of our Emotional Release Specialists in our Ultimate Coaching Experience and Total Transformation Coaching Experience programs.

Melinda Jacobs is an Intuitive Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her mission is to empower transformation personally and globally! Using various tools, techniques, and processes, she helps people identify obstacles, clear past traumas and step through old patterns so that they can live an empowered life.

Listen to this video taken from our class, Melinda provides resources on how you can best support yourself during these challenging times.

Through the monthly Coach calls which you can access through our 12-week Total Transformation Experience Program we help you work specifically to get to the REAL issues that are causing the problem. In this program, we offer all of the tools to help support your transformation journey. Each week you unlock different modules that help you identify the triggers that are causing you to hold onto weight and shed the weight easily and effortlessly.