Every month in our private 12-Week Support Group, I host a live “Ask Jon” question and answer session.  And this month the question kept coming up “how do I recover when I’m on a downward spiral?

It’s such an important issue.  Sometimes we can let a bad day snowball into something destructive that goes on for weeks and weeks. 

If you know what you’re doing you can turn it around quickly and easily.

Not by using will power but by a simple shift of focus that I talk about in the call. 

The Q&A is an hour long and has lots of other really valuable information.  Feel free to listen to the entire call.

Listen to this call to learn…

  • how to shift the “downward spiral” and create the support you need to work through these challenges
    (0:00 – 8:10)
  • How visualization can raise your body temperature, and why it’s a good thing
    (8:20 – 9:30)
  • Feeling stuck? how to keep the momentum going for your weight loss journey even when you start to feel progress is slowing
  • How to listen to your body when you experience constant hunger cravings and what it might ask you to explore when you face this part of your journey
    (27:48 -32:21)

The key to it, is to ALWAYS focus your energy and your attention on the POSITIVE steps that you are making…” – Jon Gabriel