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  • This recipe book is your FREE gift for taking a 30-day free trial of The Gabriel Method Support Group.
  • Jon loves this online group and is using this welcome gift to attract new members all over the world.
  • IMPORTANT: even if you decide not to remain a member of The Support Group, the Recipe Book is yours to keep (free of charge).
  • NO RISK: after your 30-day free trial of The Support Group, if you do nothing, you'll remain a member and will be automatically charged the discounted member price of $39.95 per month. If you decide not to be a member (just send one email), you'll be charged nothing.
I have read and understand this free recipe book and free trial offer. If I have any questions or confusion, I understand that Jon's support team is awesome and they'll help me out, no matter what, no hassles ever.

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