Are You Interested in Becoming
a Certified Weight Loss Coach?

Earn a Great Living Helping People Use a Mind-Body
Approach to Transform Their Bodies & Lives

with Jon Gabriel & Marc David

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What You'll Learn:

  • How a mind-body approach to weight loss makes the process fun, enjoyable, and natural
  • How you can earn a great living helping others lose weight

  • How you can tap into the most cutting edge mind-body, eating psychology tools and technologies available to truly serve your local community
  • How you can gain the training, sales and marketing tools needed to really kick start your career as a holistic weight loss coach
  • How to live a life of purpose, helping others, earning a great living, and enjoy freedom and control over your future


  • 6 Aug (Tues) – 8:30 pm EST (NYC, USA)
  • 7 Aug (Wed) – 10:30 am AEST (Brisbane, AUS)
  • Check Your Timezone


There are 3 options for joining the class below. Please choose the option that is easiest for you! With Options 1 and 2, you can interact with us live. Option 3 is the simplest (you can listen right here on this page) but you’ll be unable to speak to us.

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