Promo Page URL

Content & Style
Proofread and Copy Edited by Sherri YESNO
If there is Video, Video to be reviewed by Jon YESNO
Fonts the same throughout (almost everything should be Verdana) YESNO
Font size consistent? YESNO
Consistent style (ie: If using bullet points stick to bullet points or check marks don’t have both) YESNO
Check Headline Title (first letter word capitalized) YESNO
Check Title Tag & Descriptions (make sure we have both) YESNO
Ensure no test content is on the site (ie: placeholder video, latin text) YESNO
Social Share Buttons and Facebook Comment Section added? For multiple pages like freeline, do they share same Social buttons and comment section?
Line spacing - is it consistent or are there funny breaks? YESNO
Columns - are they consistent and appropriate? YESNO
Header Home Navigation YESNO

Functional Testing (Check on PC and Mobile)
Check Video and Audio Players (do they work?) YESNONONE
Video Player (is there a caption and social buttons under the player?) YESNONONE
Are we using the correct Video Skin? (stripped down player) YESNO
Check Buy Links (make sure they link to the correct buy area) YESNONONE
Test Buy Link (make an actual purchase -Geri) YESNONONE
Check all hyperlinks (make sure they work and open in a new tab) YESNONONE
Perform a page load test YESNO
Check Download Buttons (does it auto-download or open in new window?) YESNONONE
Check Opt-in box/boxes (does it work?) YESNONONE
Photos (are sizes/borders same and consistent?) YESNO
Photos (are there captions under photos?) YESNO
Action Buttons (do they work? i.e.: learn more, apply now) YESNO
Bottom of page (is there an action button, testimonial videos or buy area) YESNO
Cross browser check (does page work on all browsers IE, Firefox & Chrome) YESNO

Backend Function
Receive required product info in IS from Geri YESNONONE
Add Physical Item to IPS YESNONONE
Check Physical Products have arrived in IPS YESNONONE
Add Item to Parsing YESNONONE
Send in Parsing and see if correct in FTP. Then delete from FTP YESNONONE
Add to Inventories excel and IPS Stock Alert YESNONONE
Add to page YESNO
Add Cancelation webform /Client Cancel Webform to IS/Add to My Account YESNO
Add Cancelation webform link to cancellation section YESNO
Test Parsing and check for real submit in IPS YESNONONE
Notes or Comments Section

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