Sharon Loses 100lbs by Addressing Her Fat Triggers

“It’s Not A Diet – It’s About Reprogramming On A Cellular Level So Your Body Feels Safe & Ready To Shed Weight”

Sharon is a member of The Gabriel Method’s exclusive private coaching program, the Ultimate Coaching Experience. She has already lost 100 lbs and is continuing to lose weight.

She had been dieting since the age of 16, which means she had been dieting for over 40 years.

When Sharon found the Gabriel Method, she was in a phase of weight gain, and had felt totally defeated. But once she started learning about F.A.T. Triggers, and addressing her emotional issues, the weight started falling off her body.

In this inspiring video, she explains how The Gabriel Method helped her let go of her diet mentality. Once she stopped worrying about losing weight, the weight started dropping off. She now knows it’s not about dieting, but it’s about reprogramming yourself on a cellular level.

Sharon will be attending this year’s Omega Retreat in August, and is excited to share her experience to inspire others to continue along the journey to sustainable & permanent weight loss.



Together with a Group of Like-Minded Participants, You’ll Learn:

  • How to reduce stress & relieve emotional trauma
  • How to nourish your body nutritionally & never starve yourself again
  • How to exercise less & get more results
  • Why you need to focus on your hormones, not calories, for long-term success
  • Why mind-body practices can often lead to the biggest changes of all
  • What to eat for breakfast, how to give up sugar, how to find healthy snacks, & how to eat well at just about any type of restaurant
  • How to meditate & use meridian tapping to combat stress
  • And most importantly, how to enjoy weight loss & the entire process of change

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