Gabriel Method Success Stars at Omega This Year

64 Pounds Lost Since the 2016 Omega Retreat and Going Strong…


Nancy Says ” When I Discovered The Gabriel Method Everything Changed…”

Since discovering The Gabriel Method, Nancy Elise has lost 64 lbs (29 kgs). In this video, Nancy describes her life-long struggle with weight and after gaining over 60 lbs through her divorce, how that pivotal moment led her to discover The Gabriel Method. Nancy found it so refreshing to learn that The Gabriel Method wasn't just another diet where she would lose then gain, instead this whole mind-body approach has helped her find real key to keeping the weight off for good.

“Throughout my life, I’ve put on weight…I’ve been on
the cabbage soup diet, Atkins. You name the diet & I
was on it”

After attending the 2015 Omega retreat with Jon in upstate New York, this inspired Nancy to go on food mission to find the foods that were compatible with her body and eliminate the food intolerances that were keeping her from losing weight. Once she started working with her body versus against her body, the weight just melted off! She’s now down four pant sizes and continues to keep the weight off through her healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

Nancy is excited and thrilled about her new outlook on life and all the wonderful changes that are happening inside and out. 



Together with a Group of Like-Minded Participants, You’ll Learn:

  • How to reduce stress & relieve emotional trauma
  • How to nourish your body nutritionally & never starve yourself again
  • How to exercise less & get more results
  • Why you need to focus on your hormones, not calories, for long-term success
  • Why mind-body practices can often lead to the biggest changes of all
  • What to eat for breakfast, how to give up sugar, how to find healthy snacks, & how to eat well at just about any type of restaurant
  • How to meditate & use meridian tapping to combat stress
  • And most importantly, how to enjoy weight loss & the entire process of change

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