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Philip Mahlberg Loses 125lbs and Has No Cravings

Step-By-Step Weight Loss & Life Transformation Coaching With Jon Gabriel

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Gabriel Method Success Story – 55kg (125 pounds) Weight Loss

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Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Come True

Exclusive step-by-step coaching with Jon Gabriel and Team

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Join this exclusive coaching experience with Jon Gabriel and his elite coaching team and finally lose the weight and keep it off.

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Is 2019 the year that you will finally make your new year’s resolutions really come true?

As you probably know, most of us start the New Year with the promise of getting fit and healthy and having the body we always dreamed of. But pretty soon all those good intentions go away and we end up heavier than when we started just a few months later.

If this sounds like you, there’s a very good chance that I can help you.

New You New Year Start 2017

By working together step-by-step over the next 5 weeks, we can systematically address the root causes of your weight problem and create a lasting, permanent solution to your weight issues and help you solve the problem once and for all.

Introducing “The Gabriel Method”:
A Natural, Sustainable & Permanent Solution to Weight Loss


I created The Gabriel Method, to end this vicious cycle and to provide people with an enjoyable, life-long solution to weight loss. I’ve used this method to personally lose over 220 pounds and helped thousands of people around the world, lose weight and keep it off.

As I’m sure you already know, diets don’t work.

If they did, there’d be no reason for you to be reading this page right now. There’d be one diet and everyone would be on it. Everyone would lose weight, and that would be the end of it.

But that’s not the case. Diets don’t work because they don’t address the real reasons your body holds onto extra weight.

The Real Reason Your Body Is Holding Onto Excess Weight…

It may FEEL like overeating and lack of exercise are the cause of your weight gain but these are just symptoms, not the actual cause of the problem. That’s why focussing on ‘eating less and exercising more’, never lasts in the long term. It simply doesn’t address the real issues.

What’s more, If your body is in fat storage mode right now, dieting will only make the problem worse.

Deprivation and starvation activate a survival response in your body that makes you want to hold onto extra weight. That’s why after any diet, you become hungrier, you crave junk food, your metabolism slows down and you gain all the weight back that you lost and more.

This is the “yo-yo” effect that I’m sure you’re familiar with.

Real Reason Your Body Is Holding

What if Diets Are Actually Making You Fat?


When you go on a diet a hormonal shift occurs where your body becomes very efficient at storing fat and almost incapable of burning it.

The more you diet, the worse this becomes… and this is why most people gain and gain, year after year.

I’m proud to say that The Gabriel Method effectively breaks this yo-yo cycle once and for all.

These are just a few examples of thousands of successful people who are now permanently off of the dieting yo-yo roller coaster.

Scroll down to see a few real-life photos of people who have achieved incredible results using the Gabriel Method..

Zelda who lost 38 kg (84 lbs)

Zelda who lost
38 kg (84 lbs)

16-year old Christian Peterson, who lost
50kg (110 lbs)

or 16-year old Christian Peterson, who lost 110 pounds.
Marisol who lost 70 lbs (32kg)

Marisol who lost
32kg (70 lbs)

or Sarah Howard who lost an amazing
75.5kg (167 lbs)

Sarah Howard who lost an amazing 167 pounds

My Success is Your Success…

Over the years, I have received countless letters from my students with stories of personal triumph.

And even though my approach is so completely different than the traditional “calories in – calories out” approach, over the years we’ve gained the support and respect of both the alternative and mainstream medical communities.

People like Dr. Howard Liebowitz of the Liebowitz Longevity Center, Dr. Jean Bokelmann of the Endobiogenic Integrative Medical Center, and Dr. Nancy Sudak, of the American Holistic Medical Association, recommend the Gabriel Method to their patients as a way to support sustainable weight loss. It has also been backed by many other doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths, psychologists, psychotherapist, acupuncturists and traditional medical practitioners all over the world as a reputable solution for weight loss.

This is concrete evidence that mind-body weight loss is no longer ‘alternative’—it’s become mainstream because it continues to provide sustainable results for people worldwide.

new you new year My Success is Your Success…

But the real strength of The Gabriel Method approach is that it’s holistic and individualized, not cookie-cutter like most systems you’ll find. Your biology is unique and so is your life situation. That’s why you need a unique approach to create real, lasting weight loss success. The biggest key that most diet programs miss is…

You Must Learn to Work WITH Your Body
– Not Against It.

The key is to address and eliminate the underlying root causes of your weight problem. When I finally learned how to work with my body, I was able to lose weight easily and naturally, without dieting or struggle or will power. That was 12 years ago, and I’ve been the same weight ever since.

  • I don’t diet.
  • I don’t have a personal trainer.
  • I don’t do run ultra-marathons or eat bird seed or cabbage soup all day or any of the other craziness that we’re told is the secret to weight loss.

The big change is that now I understand my biology. I understand the role of stress, emotions, toxins, medications, age, food and exercise on my biology, and I know how to navigate through this world so weight is no longer an issue for me.

Just imagine that for a moment you never had “good days” or “bad days” ever again. Imagine if you never had to set another New Year’s resolution to lose weight ever again.

During this step-by-step program you will discover how to…

Easily Reduce & Eliminate Your Junk Food Cravings

You may think that the only way to resist cravings is with will power, but that’s not the case. In fact during this 5-week program we will never ask you to STOP eating any food through force. Instead we’ll eliminate junk food cravings at the source.

There are several reasons why we crave junk food, such as hormonal conditions, unfriendly bacteria, low blood sugar episodes, nutritional starvation, exhaustion, habit, addiction, emotional comfort, stress, sleep issues, and dehydration, just to name a few.

In this program we address each of these issues systematically, so you naturally lose interest in junk food once and for all.

Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Our hormones play a huge role in how we process fats and sugars. That’s why hormonal changes can often cause dramatic weight gain. I’ll help you understand how simple changes can help you rebalance your hormones and allow the weight to drop off your body. We’ll talk about the most important hormones like leptin, insulin, and cortisol and how these hormones play a role in your weight regulation.


Heal From Past Trauma & Emotions Which Are Preventing You From Losing weight

Did you know that emotional trauma and stressful situations can cause your body to hold onto weight?

This is true for so many of us. Our emotions and life experiences play a huge role in weight challenges, and we’ll explore how stress and past traumas can be causing you to hold onto excess weight and give you a systematic way to address these stressors, so your body can let go of weight so much easier.


Use Minimal Exercise to Maximize Your Results

Weight loss is not just about “calories in / calories out” — There’s so much more to the equation that just eating less and exercising more… But exercise, if done right does much more than burn calories. The key is focusing on exercises that helps your body change on a hormonal level. This can be accomplished with less than 10 minutes of the right kind of exercise a few times a week.


Introducing The New You In The New Year Exclusive 5-Week Coaching Program

The ‘New You In The New Year’ is 5 week, step-by-step comprehensive program where you’ll work personally with me and my most trusted team of coaches, medical doctors, and advisers to make this coming year your fittest and healthiest year ever.

If you’re in a place in your life where you’re tired of dieting, and want to solve your weight issues once and for all then this program is ideal for you.

What’s Included In The New You in the New Year Program
Here’s what’s included in the program & how it works..

5 Weekly Core Lessons and Guest Lectures

Each week, we have a live class called The Gabriel Method Core Lesson. This is where I'll walk you through the theory, but more importantly, the application of the core Gabriel Method principles in your life.

Each core lesson is also complimented by a guest lecture from one of The Gabriel Method advisors, my most-trusted go-to people for insider information. These are people that rarely teach publicly, and have never taught to such a select and focused group of Gabriel Method students.

There is no “one size fits all” approach, so we’ll uncover specifically what you need to make lasting change based on your life and your challenges.

Over the 5 weeks we’ll cover:


F.A.T Triggers

FAT stands for “Famine And Temperature”. When the FAT Programs are on, certain subtle hormonal and chemical changes take place in your body that will virtually ensure that you get fat and stay fat. Learn how different types of stress are triggering weight gain and what to do about it.


Donna Gates

Donna is the best-selling author of The Body Ecology Diet, and is best known for her expertise and research in and around the microflora of our bodies. Inside your digestive system right now, there are 3lbs of bacteria, both good and bad. Donna has made it her life’s work to figure out how to increase the good bugs, and reduce the bad bugs—and her research is second-to-none and incredibly important for weight loss.

Over the past 25 years, Donna has become one of the most respected authorities in the field of digestive health, diet, and nutrition. A recognized radio host of The Body Ecology Hour with Donna Gates on Hay House radio, Donna regularly contributes to The Huffington Post and The Daily Love, and lectures at the “I Can Do It!” Conference, The Longevity Now Conference, and Women’s Wellness Conference.


How To Eat Delicious Foods And Still Lose Weight

Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad. Creating delicious, satisfying meals that help you lose weight is a passion of mine. It’s not about less calories or less fat, it’s about substituting one key ingredient for another that will help heal the body and create a hormonal shift.


Ron Rosedale, M.D

Dr. Ron Rosedale is an internationally renowned expert in nutritional and metabolic medicine and an anti-aging specialist, and the author of The Rosedale Diet. He is founder of the Rosedale Center in Denver, Colorado; cofounder of the Colorado Center for Metabolic Medicine in Boulder, Colorado; and founder of the Carolina Center of Metabolic Medicine in Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. Rosedale has helped thousands suffering from so-called incurable diseases to regain their health.

As a speaker, he has appeared before such prestigious groups as the Eighth Congressional International Medical Conference on Molecular Medicine, the First European Conference on Longevity Medicine & Quality of Life, and many more. He has been a guest on numerous national radio and television shows. He lives in Denver, Colorado.


Mental & Emotional Stress

Resolve mental and emotional stress quickly with easy to use techniques and guided visualizations.


Brian Killian, ND

Coach Brian Killian will help break us free from boring, conventional fitness and exercise routines. Brian is a naturopath, a massage therapist, and a highly-experienced personal trainer who helped co-create Gabriel Method Fitness, a way to exercise that balances your hormones and effectively turns “off” your FAT Programs.

This sounds hard to believe, I know, but he’ll teach you how to exercise 2-3 times per week for about 20-minutes, have fun, and enjoy a much bigger impact on your weight loss than you’d have with a traditional gym or cardio workout.


The Gabriel Method ‘Less is more’ Exercise Philosophy

You will learn how to activate hormonal changes to aid your weight loss with just minutes of intelligent exercise a few times a week.


Paul North, Psychologist

Paul is the Senior Specialist Psychologist for ADHC Southern Region and has over 20 years of experience helping people improve the quality of their lives. Paul’s understanding of trauma, and mental and emotional stresses and their relation to weight gain is groundbreaking.

Paul will help you understand that stress is not just a feeling, it’s also a trigger for a cascade of hormonal responses that can put you in FAT storage mode. Paul has been a huge contributor behind the scenes to The Gabriel Method research over the years, and I’m excited to give you the chance to learn from him directly.


Mind Body Connection of Weight Loss

Your mind is your hormonal control center. It influences hunger, digestion, and even your emotions. A mind-body approach to wellness is the most effective way to create permanent, sustainable weight loss.


Carol Look, Psychotherapist & EFT Master

Carol just joined The Gabriel Method team recently, and she’s already made a huge splash. Carol is a compassionate, intuitive and skilled healer who originally trained as a psychotherapist and Clinical Social Worker. She earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is a leading authority on meridian tapping. Carol deeply understands the mind-body connection when it comes to personal transformation and weight loss—both on a clinical and practical level.

She’s worked with drug addicts, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, stress, fear, and pretty much any type of emotional challenge you can imagine—and she’s been extremely successful in helping people breakthrough. Carol has introduced us to new approaches and healing modalities to deal with mental and emotional stresses in our lives right now; safely, and at home. I can’t wait for you to learn more from Carol.

“I am Astounded at the Changes that I Have Made in My Life”
I cannot remember the last time I felt so alive, fulfilled, and happy. When I read your book it was as if you knew me better than I knew myself. It is amazing that more be people have not made the connection that a healthy lifestyle consists of taking care of the mind, body, and soul, instead of just the body.

—(Kenn Paquette)

How The Program Works

So now that you’ve met The New You in the New Year Coaching and advisory team, let me explain how the program works. First and foremost, it’s a virtual program so you can join from anywhere in the world from your computer, your smartphone, or even a regular telephone.

For 5 weeks, we’ll meet formally 2x per week for a Core Lesson Class and a Guest Lecture, and then throughout the week, we’ll connect with online discussions, questions and answers, and weekly assignments.

Since there are lots of diets and exercise programs out there, I do need to emphasize, this is nothing like any of those other programs.

  • There are no meals plans.
  • You don’t have to count calories or points.
  • No fitness routines to follow.
  • And I don’t even suggest you weigh yourself.

The Gabriel Method is a holistic, lifelong approach, and while most programs work superficially at the caloric level, we work at the hormonal level to change your body from the inside out.

Each week, you’ll have a chance to talk to me personally, ask questions and get answers. If you prefer to email in your questions, that’s just fine as well.

My team and I are here to help, and I’ve completely cleared my schedule so I can serve you to the best of my ability. So if you have a question about alternative sweeteners, how to choose a probiotic, how to make healthy chocolates, or how to find peace in your hectic work life, just ask…

… I’m here for you.

The program provides comprehensive education, step-by-step, personalized support, cutting-edge research, and the toolkit you need to resolve your weight issue once and for all.

This approach is powerful because you get all the information you need to understand what’s going on inside you, you get the action steps and solutions to make lasting change. Plus, you’ll join a like-minded group who will support and encourage you on your path.

You don’t need to take time off work to do this program. You don’t need to buy any fancy equipment or magic pills. To join, you really just need to set aside a few hours each week, and a few minutes each day to learn this approach and apply it to your life.

“Dieting Simply Doesn’t Work”…
See how Scott went from being bed-ridden for 3 months to losing over 150lbs

VIDEO: Scott Blinn lost 150 lbs (68kg)


5-Week Coaching Intensive Online Program


January 21 – February 23, 2019

New You New Year 2017 Dates

New You In The New Year

New Your New Your 2017 Product Image

Join me, Jon Gabriel and my most-trusted team of advisors for the annual, 5-week transformational program where you’ll be led step-by-step through the core Gabriel Method principles, given clear and simple action steps, and find the real and lasting solution to your weight problem forever.


  • Weekly Core Lesson Classes (include live Q&A)
  • Weekly Guest Lectures w/Expert Advisors
  • Ongoing online discussions throughout
  • Ongoing action steps, assignments & visualizations
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook Group For Extra Support

FREE Bonus Resources:

  • 1-on-1 Consultation w/Jon
    (to be used after May 2019) $500 USD value
  • Healthy chocolate recipes
    (video & pdf) $24.95 USD value
  • Complete Gabriel Method eRecipe Book
    (pdf version) $24.95 USD value
  • Best of Jon – Audio Archives
    (mp3) $99.95 value
  • Anti-Inflammatory Food Recipe + Class
    (video + pdf) $24.95 USD value
  • GM Fitness online timer
    (mobile or computer) $19.94 USD value


Sign Up Below to Get Notified About the Next Gabriel Method New You New Year Program in WINTER 2019

Safe and Secure Checkout – All countries Payment Accepted


100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Full 365 Days

Like everything at the Gabriel Method, this program is 100% Guaranteed, so if for any reason (or no reason at all) you are unhappy, you can cancel and refund in full simply by sending an email to our extremely helpful support team. No hassles, nothing to return, no catch. Your success is our success. It's that simple.

“My Energy Levels & Stamina have Increased Exponentially”
After following your method I can now get back into some of my old “skinny” clothes, which is fabulous! PLUS I am eating a lot more and exercising less! So, Jon…a big THANK YOU. How wonderful for you to be able to help people in this way!

—(Janet Mitchell, Australia)



1-on-1 Consultation with Jon

1-on-1 Consultation with Jon

1-on-1 Consultation with Jon (private call)

As a special bonus you’ll receive a free, personal, one-on-one session with Jon.

This is possibly the most valuable aspect of this entire program. Jon rarely does one-on-one sessions anymore, as his time is fully occupied with writing, training, speaking and group coaching. In a one-on-one session, Jon will be able to quickly identify any blocks you may have and help you take your weight loss success to the next level.

Value: $500 USD FREE w/Registration

Healthy Chocolate Recipes

Healthy Chocolate Recipes

Healthy Chocolate Recipes (video + pdf)

Like many dieters, Jon gave up chocolate for years until he learned that it’s possible to prepare delicious, rich chocolates in a way that is extremely healthy and doesn’t lead to weight gain. Jon and his team will share their ‘go to’ recipes that are easy to make and enjoy.

Value: $24.95 USD FREE w/Registration

GM Recipe Book

GM Recipe Book

GM Recipe Book (pdf, digital version)

As you know, there are no meal plans on The Gabriel Method, but many students immediately ask, “OK, but what should I eat?” There is no one answer to this, but this recipe books gives you over one hundred answers… delicious, mouth-watering breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and even desserts. These recipes are all designed to turn “off” your FAT Programs, and they taste out of this world.

Value: $24.95 USD FREE w/Registration

Best of Jon – Audio Archives

Best of Jon – Audio Archives

Best of Jon – Audio Archives (mp3)

Jon has been a guest on dozens of radio shows and health panels, and over the years, he’s shared his experience and knowledge on everything from what to eat, to how to meditate, to what kind of kitchen equipment you might find helpful. In this “best of” series, you’ll hear hundreds of key highlights from Jon’s interviews and speeches, just the most valuable nuggets organized by theme for quick reference.

Value: $99.95 USD FREE w/Registration

Anti-Inflammatory Food Recipes with Julie Daniluk

Anti-Inflammatory Food Recipes

Anti-Inflammatory Food Recipes with Julie Daniluk

Inflammation in the body can be caused by stress, processed foods, wheat, medications, and dozens of other things we’re exposed to every day. What many people don’t know is that inflammation creates a hormonal imbalance that leads to weight gain so to lose weight, you absolutely must focus on anti-inflammatory foods. But what are they? And how do I prepare them? You’ll get a crash course in delicious anti-inflammatory foods here.

Value: $24.95 USD FREE w/Registration

Hormone Balancing Webinar with Dr. Howard Liebowitz

Hormone Balancing

Hormone Balancing Webinar with Dr. Howard Liebowitz

Dr. Liebowitz was trained in Internal Medicine at USC, and worked as an Emergency and Trauma Physician for over 20 years. He has served as the Medical Director at The Centinela Hospital Fitness Institute testing professional athletes from: The Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers and The PGA golf tour. He’s an expert in hormones, hormonal replacement, and anti-aging.

Value: $24.95 USD FREE w/Registration

GM Fitness Online Timer

GM Fitness Online Timer

GM Fitness Online Timer

In the program, you’ll learn how fitness for weight loss should be brief and intense. But how brief? Sometimes as short as just 4 minutes! Using this online timer, you can time your intense intervals of your at-home “work in’s” so you don’t have to think about it. This is a simply timer, but it makes your life so easy. Press play and 4 minutes later… viola!

Value: $19.95 USD FREE w/Registration

“Meet Smita who lost 37 lbs”
and is now one of the Gabriel Method Coaches

VIDEO: Smita Patel lost 37 lbs (16kg)

Take the Next Step…

Over the years, I’ve learned that we’re all on a very similar journey, even though we have different circumstances, and the collective energy of a group going through a transformation like this is truly life-changing.

If you aren’t yet sure if this program is for you, I’d encourage you to watch the videos on this page and read the testimonials from my past clients. Take a look at the free bonus I’ve included as part of the program, one of which is a private consultation with me, all together valued at over $1,000…

… and after you’ve reviewed everything, just close your eyes and ask yourself if now is the right time for you.


If so, I’m here, and my team is here to help.

Thanks for your interest in The Gabriel Method. I hope that this year is truly the most healthy and wonderful of your life.

In health, Jon Gabriel Method Jon's signature

P.S. Please note we are only able to take a limited number of participants, so do be sure to sign up as soon you can.


What Gabriel Method Students Are Saying…


“If Every Person Was Given this Book No One Would Be Obese”

If every person was given this book, no one would be obese. It would be an epidemic of the past. It almost seems sad people are dying because of obesity when it’s so simple to be thin!

—(Alannah Cadman, New Zealand)


“since listening to your cd every night, i don’t feel hungry at all”

i have been struggling with my weight for the past ten years… i could not understand because i don’t eat desserts, cakes, chocolate or sweets and i cook most of my food. after reading your book i realized that i was actually nutrient deficient. since i have been listening to your cd every night, i don’t feel hungry at all.

– David


“My Whole Relationship with Food Has Changed”

WOW! I read [the book] over two nights, couldn’t put it down. It was like the penny had dropped, after three days of listening to your meditation CD, my whole relationship with food changed. I can’t explain my extra energy, my ability to handle my very stressful job is so much easier, I’m happier and more confident.

—(Brenda Black, New Zealand)


“I am Astounded at the Changes that I Have Made in My Life”

I cannot remember the last time I felt so alive, fulfilled, and happy. When I read your book it was as if you knew me better than I knew myself. It is amazing that more be people have not made the connection that a healthy lifestyle consists of taking care of the mind, body, and soul, instead of just the body.

—(Kenn Paquette)


“I Don’t Crave Sugar at all Anymore”

Since I’ve read your book and listened to you CD, I’ve been craving dark green leafy veggies, and I’ve also slowed way down on sugar. As a matter of fact I don’t crave sugar! My daughter is doing great too. We both have committed to following your lifestyle. I tell everyone I see about your book and CD. Thank you so much.



“The Gabriel Method is Groundbreaking & Self-Empowering”

You have brought together a multitude of aspects and created a truly holistic ‘treatment’ that is more like a new lifestyle, complete with raised awareness where it all makes such intuitive and rational sense.

—(Julie U, Australia)


“I Have Made Positive Changes in All Aspects of My Life”

I am feeling so much more energetic already as I gradually introduce more live foods and nutrients into my body. Your desire to share your wealth of knowledge and amazing success with weight loss is what is so inspiring to me and I’m sure will be to millions of others around the world.

– (Laura Nally, Australia)


“I’m No Longer Hungry, Just Content!”

… for the first time in over 20 years, I am not hungry. I feel content – just very different. For some reason, I don’t seem to require a lot of food. My portion sizes have gotten smaller. I don’t measure them out, but I look at what’s on my plate and it really is a small amount. I just don’t feel that I need it. I don’t crave sweets either and I’m a chocoholic – at least I was one. Now I can take it or leave it.

– (Liz Bay)


“My Energy Levels & Stamina have Increased Exponentially”

After following your method I can now get back into some of my old “skinny” clothes, which is fabulous! PLUS I am eating a lot more and exercising less! So, Jon…a big THANK YOU. How wonderful for you to be able to help people in this way!

– —(Janet Mitchell, Australia)


“I Now Understand What My Body Wants”

Your work has helped me in at least two ways: first, since my husband died 20 months ago, I added 15 pounds and have slowly lost it over a year…but it would keep coming back in 2-3 pound lots. I now know why I gained the weight and how to take it off without cycling through diets and most of all without ‘working’ at it.

— (Virginia Burton)


“Your Approach is Enlightening”

The whole approach is enlightening, very interesting and humorous, so it was a joy to listen to. Many thanks for a great, commendable program, Jon. I am telling everyone all about you.

—(Marianne Hale, USA)