No More Cardio!

New You Webinar Series with Brian Killian

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  • Why cardio is often not the best for weight loss
  • How to use intensity (safely) to change your biochemistry
  • Why you should exercise for 10-20 minutes max
  • How to keep it playful and fun
  • Why bendy bodies are energetic bodies
  • How to make sure you get plenty of rest

BRIAN KILLIAN is a qualified naturopath, massage therapist, fitness instructor and one multi-talented member of our team of coaches! After reading The Gabriel Method, Brian decided to contact Jon himself and thank him for sharing his story. Soon after, Brian received a reply and since then has been training to become one of the first Certified Gabriel Method Coaches.

Brian has over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry and is here to use his broad range of knowledge to assist you in all areas of fitness. Brian’s approach is strongly influenced by the basics: correct diet, physical fitness and the development of a positive mindset. He will pass on his wisdom and teach you everything he knows about effective exercises and techniques that will turn your FAT programs off. Brian’s goal: Help you unleash the fit, toned, healthy body that lies beneath this temporary coat of excess fat and banish that coat forever!

ABOUT THIS CLASS – this series of 4 webinars is produced by The Gabriel Method and is available free of charge to introduce you to some of The Gabriel Method Coaches and their holistic, mind-body approach to weight loss.

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