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“Visualization is the single most effective tool for personal transformation…
it was essential in my 220lbs weight loss.” – Jon Gabriel

Join best-selling author and weight loss expert, Jon Gabriel, as he teaches you the visualization technique he used to shed 220 pounds without dieting or deprivation. Jon has shared this method with celebrities, sold-out seminar groups, and to private coaching clients in 28 countries, and the results have been truly amazing.

Your mind is your most powerful tool for change, and in this book, you’ll learn how to work with your body rather than fighting it. Visualization has been used by highly-effective people for centuries including top sports figures, politicians, and actors; and when applied to weight issues, the results are remarkable.

In this book, you'll learn to:

  • Break free from negative beliefs and patterns around food
  • Melt away stress and conquer your fears
  • Rediscover the joy of movement
  • Create healthy habits for life
  • Overcome food cravings and addictions
  • Achieve emotional balance
  • Improve your sleep and energy

Step-by-step, Jon will lead you through a 16-week total transformation program that includes both visualizations and nutritional guidance. This is an anti-diet. There are no restrictions or rules, it's about adding into your life what your body and mind are truly starving for.

With just a few minutes of visualization every day, you'll create changes from the inside out, naturally and enjoyably. The big challenge, Jon discovered, is not to find the perfect diet or the perfect exercise routine; instead, the big challenge is convincing your brain that your body needs to lose weight. As Jon says, “There is nothing easier and more natural than losing weight when your body wants to be thin.”


In 2001 Jon Gabriel weighed 409 pounds. He’d tried almost every diet available without success. Overweight, overworked, and unhappy, Jon was ready to give up. Then on September 11, 2001, Jon received a wake-up call, when pure chance kept him off of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania. This made Jon realize that life was a precious opportunity not to be wasted. Over the next two and a half years, Jon dropped more than half his weight without dieting, pills, or surgery.

What the Experts Are Saying
About Visualization for Weight Loss

“Jon Gabriel provides simple, practical ways to use visualization to help reduce stress and create healthy lifestyle habits that can lead to lasting, sustainable weight loss.”

Mark Hyman, MD
author of #1 New York Times bestseller
The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox Diet.

“Fast, lasting fat loss goes beyond what you eat or how you exercise. In his new book Visualization for Weight Loss, Jon Gabriel provides simple, easy-to-implement strategies to reduce stress and remove other barriers that create weight loss resistance. If you're doing everything correctly yet still can't lose weight, visualization could provide the crucial missing piece of the puzzle. Highly recommended!”

JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS
Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert and
New York Times Best Selling Author

“Jon's gift is to share the key that unlocked his trapped weight. This book is created out of Jon's relentless search for remarkable transformation. When you read this book, you will feel he is talking directly to you with the insight and compassion that can only come when someone has walked the path. This is the ‘go to' book for understanding how to harness your personal power in order to find your perfect natural weight without harsh dieting.”

Julie Daniluk, R.H.N
TV Host, Nutritionist and Best Selling Author of Slimming Meals That Heal –
Lose Weight Without Dieting Using Anti-Inflammatory Super Foods

“Jon Gabriel is one of the most conscious, authentic leaders of our time. His visualizations heal the root cause of weight gain. If you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked, I highly suggest you read this book.”

Brittany Watkins
Founder of The Watkins Method
of Tapping For Weight Loss

“Weight loss is about so much more than calorie math. There are a myriad of biochemical, mental and emotional factors that go into the equation. In Visualization for Weight Loss, Jon Gabriel provides innovative tools to help you understand and address many of these non-caloric considerations. By the end of Visualization for Weight Loss, you will have your mind and body working together to transcend calorie math, and you will enjoy practical and permanent weight loss.”

Jonathan Bailor
CEO, New York Times
bestselling author of The Calorie Myth

“I love John Gabriel's visualizations. They've become an Integral part of my morning routine. I now start my day with the framework only he can provide that includes gratitude, focus and clarifying my daily intentions all guided by his loving voice.”

Khaliah Ali
Daughter of Boxing Legend Muhammed Ali
Best Selling Author, Designer and Spokesperson

“Jon Gabriel is one of the most important voices in the nutrition and weight loss universe. Get ready for a diet book that’s unlike any other. He’s written a unique, informative, and easy-to-read guide for working with weight. You’re going to come away with a ton of great strategies and insights, all wrapped in a truly holistic approach.

Jon’s methods are grounded in real world experience and a commitment to transforming our bodies and our lives from a place of empowerment and positivity. He presents a way to understand visualization that will help inspire you to be your best, while tapping into the innate and unfathomable wisdom of the body. No matter what diet you follow, this is a wonderful book to help steer you towards the kind of success that comes from a deeper and lasting place. Highly recommended.”

Marc David
best selling author and founder
of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating

“With Visualization For Weight Loss, Jon taps into a secret weapon that we all have – the power of the mind. So many people focus solely on the physical or dietary elements of weight loss, often ignoring the mental element. In this informative and easy to read book Jon shows you how to use Super Mental Alert Reeducation Training (SMART) to help you to burn fat, crush food cravings, and break out of the vicious weight loss cycle for good. We have personally experienced the amazing power of visualization and highly recommend this book to everyone.”

-Jayson & Mira Calton
Authors of Rich Food, Poor Food and Naked Calories
Creators of Nutreince – The Multivitamin Reinvented

“In my Functional Medicine and Anti Aging Medical Practice, weight loss is one of the most challenging issues I address with my patients. In thirty years I had never met anyone who has successfully lost over 200 pounds and kept it off permanently until I met Jon Gabriel. To look at him you would never believe he once weighed over 400 pounds. When Jon talks about weight loss, I wholeheartedly believe him. He has more credentials than anyone in the weight loss field. He is living, breathing proof of what works.”

-Howard Liebowitz MD, FACEP
Director, Liebowitz Longevity Medicine

“The most powerful healers are those who have healed themselves. Jon Gabriel has written the best book on weight loss, period. His work deals with the problem rather than the symptom. Food is neutral; it is not the problem. Mr. Gabriel invites you to resolve the causes and conditions that contributed to obesity. After defining the causes, he then pragmatically and effectively walks you through the process of achieving wellness while practicing compassion toward yourself.

You didn’t gain weight overnight. It will take time and patience to achieve your desired weight. Visualization for Weight Loss offers you an honest and proven method to lose weight and practice good mental hygiene. Jon is passionate about this subject because he has been there. He knows the shame and loneliness that shadows obesity and he is committed to doing something about it. Why wouldn’t he? He weighed in at almost a quarter ton!

Jon isn’t selling magic potions, quick fixes or questionable promises. He offers an opportunity to find the wellspring of power in yourself. Jon Gabriel will help you rediscover who you were supposed to be all along; a beautiful person worthy of love.”

Frank Ferrante
Star of the documentary “May I Be Frank”, featured in “Hungry For Change”,
international speaker and author of “May I Be Frank”

“Jon's ability to connect the visible and invisible through the process of visualization is truly profound. His approach to body transformation and optimal health is truly unique and acknowledges one of the most powerful connections known to man, that of the mind and the body. This book is your ultimate guide to visualizing and creating the body and health of your dreams!”

James Colquhoun
Filmmaker of ‘Food Matters' & ‘Hungry For Change',
best selling author of Hungry For Change & founder of FMTV.

“Beyond making conscious choices, losing weight permanently requires change on deeper levels that can be accomplished through the power of visualization. In Jon Gabriel’s book Visualization for Weight Loss you’ll learn how to feel profoundly safe and relaxed so that extra weight sub-consciously intended as self-protection is no longer needed, and can easily melt away. Jon shows you how to awaken your intuition so that making healthy choices become second nature, and slimming down becomes a piece of cake.”

Jena la Flamme
author of Pleasurable Weight Loss: The Secrets of Feeling Great,
Losing Weight and Loving Your Life Today.

“When it comes to weight loss the mind is as important as the body. I always say, it’s not just about what you’re eating—it’s also about what’s eating you. In Visualization for Weight Loss, Jon Gabriel teaches simple, practical ways to use your mind to totally transform your body. Visualization is such a powerful tool for healing in general and applying it to weight loss makes perfect sense.”

Kris Carr
New York Times best-selling author,
Crazy Sexy Kitchen

“Jon Gabriel’s healing and deep recovery truly comes through in Visualization For Weight Loss. He shows you how you can use your mind to help you lose weight and repair your body at a cellular level. The hormonal benefits of visualization are well documented and I recommend them highly. ”

Sara Gottfried MD,
New York Times bestselling author,
The Hormone Cure

“In a world where counting calories and strict diets have a huge failure rate, we need a new shift in our thinking and Jon has written a much needed book. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This fantastic book is the new paradigm shift in weight loss and body health.”

Donna Schwenk,
author and founder of Cultured Food Life

“Jon Gabriel is not only genuine in his mission to help others, but through his own weight loss experience and skills he acquired in the process, people respond to method. If you only read one book on how to focus your mind for long term weight loss, make this it”

Jason Vale (aka Juice Master)
Best Selling Author,
Motivational Speaker and Lifestyle Coach

“If you're heart broken from failed weight loss attempts and you’re tired of feeling at war with your body, it’s time for this book. Filled with eye opening research, powerful tools and practical tips, Jon will guide you to harness the power of your mind and body to achieve the weight loss (and life) you want! ”

Jessica Ortner
New York Times best-selling author of The Tapping Solution
for Weight Loss and Body Confidence

“Jon Gabriel is the real deal — a kind, caring man who wants you to break free of your current beliefs to have the body and lifestyle you only thought was possible for others. His unique and much-needed approach to weight loss is also the real deal. Visualization for Weight Loss is a game changer. If using your mind to lose weight seems too simple to be true, then you haven't yet experienced the power of your brain's neural pathways on your body's biochemistry. The Gabriel Method is easy, very do-able and it works!”

Donna Gates
Founder of Body Ecology
Author of The Body Ecology Diet and Body Ecology's Guide to Growing Younger.

“The evidence is clear that the current information and conversation about weight loss is simply not working. When you’re finally done with approaches that don’t work and leave you more frustrated then before, then consider picking up this book. Because this works. Jon Gabriel has been where you are right now, and found lasting, sustainable and yes, enjoyable ways to lose weight and keep it off. A must read book!”

Nick Ortner
NY Times Bestselling Author of “The Tapping Solution”

“Jon communicates high level spiritual and scientific information in a way that is not only accessible, but enjoyable to read. This book gives you solid tools to turn on the mission control center in your mind so you can create a body and a life you adore.”

Emily Fletcher
Founder – Ziva Meditation Center

Get the 1st Chapter FREE!

Get Instant Access to Jon Gabriel’s
New Book, Visualization for Weight Loss

PRIVACY: 100% safe & secure