Befriending Your Inner Critic

with Jon Gabriel and Marisol Rocha

About Marisol

Tina-Marie Bowen

Marisol Rocha is a Mom of two and the founder of a thriving coaching practice in New York City since 2005. As a certified Professional Life Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, she has spent the last decade helping women to break through the exhausting challenges of being a mom, wife and fulfilled woman all wrapped up in one. She specializes in empowering women to feel back on top of their game so that they can confidently rock their roles, love themselves and see their kids flourish as a result.

Trained and certified at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), she works with her clients through an “inner-to-outer directed” Core Energy Coaching™ process that assists them in fully understanding and connecting to what is really driving them. Within this process, clients are able to make more conscious decisions, produce more with less effort, and discover the confidence within to manifest the life they have always wanted. Marisol fundamentally believes that a sustainable health journey begins with acknowledging bio-individuality and taking the steps to heal from the inside-out.

In addition to her work with women at Mpowered Choice Coaching, Marisol is a proud member of the Gabriel Method Coaching Team, a Gabriel Method Success Story and will be appearing at the Gabriel Method Omega Retreat this August.

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