How A Busy Mom Dropped 70lbs &
Why She Credits Her Success To The Gabriel Method Detox


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Detox Food From Community During Week 1 & 2

Marisol largely credits her weight loss success to participating in the Gabriel Method Detox.

She says it was amazing what she experienced when she stopped her digestion for 5 days, but continued to fully nourish her body. She says it was a gentle and easy process.

Many Gabriel Method students remark on the same thing after they participate in the Detox. Most people are surprised at how easy the 2-week cleanse actually is because you’re truly nourishing your body throughout the entire process.

As you can see from previous pictures from Detox participants, the plates of food have an abundance of color and even deeper array of nutrients.

To hear more stories like Marisol’s and to see posts from other Detox Alumni, you can click here to get more information.

I dropped 9 lbs and felt amazing. I'm ready to do it again…

– Michelle

I felt very nurtured by the experience. You're taken step by step… It's really easy to do.

– Shayndel

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