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  • Why dieting alters your biology and actually put your in a fat storage mode
  • How to sustainable weight loss can be achieved without dieting or extreme exercise
  • How anyone can become “naturally thin” by learning to work with their biology
  • How to transform your body & life using the mind-body principles of The Gabriel Method

Who is Jon Gabriel ?

The age-old weight loss axiom of “eat less, exercise more” has proven to be a complete and total failure with 98% of dieters gaining back their lost weight, and in many cases, more than they began with. Calorie restriction and excessive exercise are just a bandage that temporarily covers up the real, underlying causes of weight gain.

To achieve lasting results, to quit dieting and solve your weight loss problem forever, you need to find the cause and work holistically to reverse it. Sustainable weight loss must include a mind-body approach – it’s the only way.

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