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Rave Reviews

“If every person was given this book no one would be obese”

If every person was given this book, no one would be obese. It would be an epidemic of the past. It almost seems sad people are dying because of obesity when it's so simple to be thin!

(Alannah Cadman, New Zealand)


“Since listening to your CD every night, I don't feel hungry at all”

I have been struggling with my weight for the past ten years… I could not understand because I don't eat desserts, cakes, chocolate or sweets and I cook most of my food. After reading your book I realized that I was actually nutrient deficient. Since I have been listening to your CD every night, I don't feel hungry at all.

(Beverly Lewis, South Africa)


“I was so impressed by my results with Jon’s Method”

I was working at radio station 4BC when Jon came on to our breakfast show at my request as a producer for several shows. I was so impressed by my own results with Jon’s Method that I wanted to get him on air.

(Michelle Turnbull, Australia)


“My whole relationship with food has changed”

WOW! I read [the book] over two nights, couldn't put it down. It was like the penny had dropped, after three days of listening to your meditation CD, my whole relationship with food changed… I can't explain my extra energy, my ability to handle my very stressful job is so much easier, I'm happier and more confident.

(Brenda Black, New Zealand)


“I am astounded at the changes that I have made in my life”

I cannot remember the last time I felt so alive, fulfilled, and happy. When I read your book it was as if you knew me better than I knew myself. It is amazing that more be people have not made the connection that a healthy lifestyle consists of taking care of the mind, body, and soul, instead of just the body…

(Kenn Paquette)


“I don't crave sugar at all anymore”

Since I've read your book and listened to you CD, I've been craving dark green leafy veggies, and I've also slowed way down on sugar. As a matter of fact I don't crave sugar!

My daughter is doing great too. We both have committed to following your lifestyle. I tell everyone I see about your book and CD. Thank you so much.



“The Gabriel Method is groundbreaking and self-empowering”

You have brought together a multitude of aspects and created a truly holistic ‘treatment' that is more a new lifestyle and at a time of raised awareness where it all makes such intuitive and rational sense.

(Julie U, Australia)


“I have made positive changes in all aspects of my life”

I am feeling so much more energetic already as I gradually introduce more live foods and nutrients into my body. Your desire to share your wealth of knowledge and amazing success with weight loss is what is so inspiring to me and I'm sure will be to millions of others around the world.

(Laura Nally, Australia)


“I'm no longer hungry, just content!”

… for the first time in over 20 years, I am not hungry. I feel content – just very different. For some reason, I don't seem to require a lot of food. My portion sizes have gotten smaller. I don't measure them out, but I look at what's on my plate and it really is a small amount. I just don't feel that I need it. I don't crave sweets either and I'm a chocoholic – at least I was one. Now I can take it or leave it.

(Liz Bay)


“My energy levels and stamina have increased exponentially”

After following your method I can now get back into some of my old “skinny” clothes, which is fabulous! PLUS I am eating a lot more and exercising less! So, Jon…a big THANK YOU. How wonderful for you to be able to help people in this way!

(Janet Mitchell, Australia)


“I now understand what my body wants”

Your work has helped me in at least two ways: first, since my husband died 20 months ago, I added 15 pounds and have slowly lost it over a year…but it would keep coming back in 2-3 pound lots. I now know why I gained the weight and how to take it off without cycling through diets and most of all without ‘working' at it.

(Virginia Burton)


“Your approach is enlightening”

The whole approach is enlightening, very interesting and humorous, so it was a joy to listen to. Many thanks for a great, commendable program, Jon. I am telling everyone all about you.

(Marianne Hale, USA)


“I have finally found the holistic weight-loss approach I was looking for”

I have FINALLY found the holistic approach to weight loss that I have been searching for. Your method is the first holistic approach that has made sense to me. Thank you so much.

(Kathy Namaste, USA)


“I can say with confidence that my weight will continue to fall off me”

The Gabriel Method is the most amazing process… our bodies work the way they work. I have been using this method for a month, cut back my walking by half and people are asking me what diet I am on! I have complete pleasure in telling them I am on no diet and letting my body get me to where I need to be.

(Karen, New Zealand)


“Your ideas are revolutionary”

I've applied visualization techniques using your CD for the first time last night and I'm feeling a big difference from within today.

(Clint, USA)


“I am finally giving my body a chance to live”

I find I am no longer obsessing about food all day. I have had chocolate bars and cake in the house all week and I have paid no attention to them (normally they would pray on my mind all day until they were gone, and still I would not be satisfied).

Gone are the days of constant dieting, taking pills and shakes and feeling guilty about food. I now have a powerful tool (my mind) just took someone like yourself for me to realize it was always there for me and will work for me when I truly need it to. Any doubters out there I say, give it a go! You have nothing to lose but weight which has held you back from the true sense of living.


“Not only have I lost 8kg in a month, but I feel alive again”

I was given The Gabriel Method book about a month ago. I had some skepticism about this new dieting fad. How wrong I was. I had given up on the idea that one day I could be thin again, however, I read the book in one weekend and as they say, I had a light bulb moment, where I finally realized why I was overweight. It has been a month now and not only have I lost 8kgs, but I am alive again, and it has been noticed by everyone around me. I am smiling and have a passion for life again.

(Mia Howard, USA)


“I am finally seeing results!”

Bless you Jon and your soothing voice that sends me to sleep everynight! No insomnia since I started listening to the CD and after too many years of being overweight, I am finally seeing results! 🙂

(Toni-Marie Burns-Cimijotta)


“I lost 9 kgs in two months”

I started to follow The Gabriel Method book and two months later I have lost 9 kgs. At this time I have not done any exercise due to having arthritis. My aim is to lose another 15kgs & I believe it's going to happen..Jon Gabriel you are a God send!

(Mohammad Carson)


“Brilliant and Insightful”

I love The Gabriel Method book..it brings together many concepts I have studied for years and have not been able to collate in a usable way..brilliant and insightful.. Jon is light-years ahead of the world and since I started listening to the CD at night time, I have lost another 4 kg. My body and mind loves this. Of all the books I have read, this one shows a truth my body understands.

(Susan Morkovsky)


“I’m down from a size 18 to a 10/12 in four months”

I started listening to The Gabriel Method visualization/meditation at the end of August. Four months later, I'm down from a size 18 to a 10/12. I have lost almost 40 lbs. I didn't change much other than to add some walking 5 days a week which I haven't even done for 2 months since the snow started and I'm still losing weight.

(Anne Jensen)


“I sleep better, feel better and want to eat better”

I have read The Gabriel Method book in the last 2 weeks, and what a change to my life! I am about 70kg overweight, but have discovered that losing weight is really a change of mindset about your life and food. I lost 2.2kg since I started reading the book and listening to the CD every night. I sleep better, feel better and want to eat better already. I was a chip(crisps)aholic and have not craved any in about 3 weeks now – that alone is a miracle!

(Roshette Badenhorst Van Rensburg)


“Reprogramming the mind makes so much sense”

I just started reading The Gabriel Method book and it is like Jon is talking directly to me and telling me, Hey Jeff, you are not alone and this will work for you. I am thankful to Jon for writing this book. Finally there is something that I can actually do to lose weight – reprogramming the mind makes so much sense to me!

(Jeff Devitt)


“WOW! I am amazed at the results”

I was a little skeptical when I first came across this book but I thought, what have I got to lose, I'll read it & listen to the CD anyway and see what happen.WOW! I am amazed at the results! I lost 1kg in the first week but the biggest change has been a mental one. I am no longer craving sweet things or worried about food all the time and I find that I am wanting to exercise and eat natural healthy foods.

(Sharon Fatseas)


“I no longer have food addiction”

I am a huge fan of your work which has been inspiring and has helped me a lot. As a biology student your ideas make perfect sense to me and explained a lot about why I am the size that I am. Before your book I was obsessed with eating and I couldn't stop thinking about. After incorporating your ideas into my life I no longer have this food addiction except if I am stressed or not eating right. It is surprising how predictable my body has become! Thanks for sharing your ideas with me and the rest of the world.

(Noha Ana)


“I believe in the power of visualization.”

I downloaded The Gabriel Method CD and listen to it every night. It has been miraculous for me. I just can't think of any other way to describe it. I believe in the power of visualization and this has been another reminder of the powerful link between mind and body. I lost 1kg in my first week and found myself exercising every day and eating much healthier food.

(James Ian Marshall)


“I know that I will achieve my ideal weight”

I've been on The Gabriel Method for three weeks now and have noticed that my belt notch has decreased one notch which is about 2 cm! I don't even show the slightest interest in cakes, biscuits or other ‘party' foods and only eat my three main meals (most days), and I now drink a lot more water. I used to not eat breakfast and constantly obsess over food. It was the true ‘famine' syndrome. I know that I will achieve my ideal weight.

(Kerrie Falconer)


“I catch myself dancing and whistling!”

Two weeks and 6.5 pounds down, I’m feeling great, have a new attitude, am much less cranky and I am catching myself dancing and whistling! ME! As great as all of this is, the aspect of that I find the most surprising is the amount of detoxing my body has gone through.

(Sarah Morris-Martin)


“I’m starting to feel like a THIN person”

I bought the book a week ago, read it that night and wow, it sure did put a lot of “stuff” into perspective about food, weight gain and weight retention. I immediately started to implement “whole foods” and I really don't feel like eating rubbish at all. I’m enjoying real food, which is good for me and I am already starting to feel like a thin person, because the weight is falling off…. I am feeling so much better, thank you Jon!

(Kate Morris)


“I feel better and don't crave sugar”

A week into doing The Gabriel Method I feel better already. I don't crave sugar, am eating fruits and veggies and am feeling great! Thanks Jon!

(Betty Blake)


“The Gabriel Method is truly amazing”

The Gabriel Method truly is amazing! My cravings are subsiding and I feel so much healthier. The CD is the key for me. I started it on July 31 and have lost 7lbs so far! This is miraculous for me, after exercising 7 days a week and counting every calorie I was losing about 1 lb per week. Now, my first week and NO exercise I lost 7lbs! Thank you Jon Gabriel!

(Kristen Berntzen McKenzie)


“Finally a solution that addresses the real issues”

I just finished The Gabriel Method book. It's been 3 days since I got it and started reading and listening to the CD. My mindset is changing. My cravings are changing. I don't want sugar (amazing for me) anymore. I'm so glad to be ending the struggle once and for all. Finally a solution that addresses the real issues instead of throwing diets at it.

(Meredith Hilton Pond)


“I am feeling like a Queen ”

I am in awe at how well I am sleeping- I’m feeling like a Queen and even exercising with mighty enthusiasm. Visualizing and the mind connection are saving my life. Thanks a million, Jon.

(Rosa Oquendo)


“I have lost 7 kgs in 2 weeks! ”

I owe a lot to Jon Gabriel and it's only been 2 weeks since I started this way of life. I have lost 7 kgs, never feel hungry and now really feel like eating the right foods all the time.148 kg to 141 kg in 2 weeks. This is the start of my journey, thank you Jon Gabriel.

(Chris Commane)


“ My body just turned off the stomach switch! ”

I have just finished reading The Gabriel Method book, and listened to the meditation CD tonight for the first time. The thing that amazes me most so far is how full I feel after eating a fraction of what I'm used to! It's like my body just turned off the stomach switch! There's a full cheesecake sitting in the fridge (normally something I’d sit down and eat in about ten minutes) and it's just plain uninteresting. Amazing after only a few days of knowing about this book!

(Amanda Hager)


“The Gabriel Method shows why diets don't work ”

Great work Jon. You show why diets don't work an explain how to lose weight and keep it off. This message needs to be heard! Too many people are getting ripped off by fad diets and useless infomercial products which promise instant weight loss but promote long-term weight gain. The only way to fix any problem is to fix the cause. You show how to do that! Keep up the great work

(Joe Amoia)


“For the first time ever I feel like there is hope”

I bought The Gabriel Method book this week, downloaded the CD and have used it every night since. Already I notice I am much more positive, not just about weight loss, but I’m noticing that things that would normally stress or tire me, simply don't! Also I'm finding I just don't feel like eating the foods I would normally go for, and am wanting the healthier options. If this has happened in only 3 days, I figure it's only going to get better. For the first time ever I feel like there is hope.

(Sharon King)

“My insulin intake has now dropped to 20 units…”

My insulin intake has now dropped to 20 units morning and
night from 60-64 last January. My general health has much improved and I am slowly, but surely, losing weight – 15 kilos up-to-date. My specialist is delighted and asked for the name of the book to read for

(Gillian Churchill )


“I Love the Gabriel Method Step by Step program…”

I love the program it is fantastic and has helped my self confidence as I was putting pressure on myself for not being able to lose weight. Now the pressure is off!

(Danielle Welch)


“The Gabriel Method programme is exactly what I needed…”

This programme is exactly what I needed to really understand the method and apply it to my life. The support on the forums and the generosity from Jon is incredible. I am so happy I took the leap of faith and committed to the programme. Thank you!

(Alice Rae-Flick)


“Wow! I am so pleased to be on the Gabriel Method Step by Step journey…”

It’s amazing the way Jon explains everything about Insulin Resistance. I have had it explained to me before but now Jon has given me the key! I think of the insulin effect every time I want something to eat now. It has made an enormous difference. I am enjoying food so much more now and making great choices Thanks so much to Jon and the team .Big hugs from me you are all a gift to the world.

(Heather Jacob)


“This is the best decision I have ever made…”

It is just great and amazing to follow the Gabriel Method step by step program. The core lessons are so interesting and I learn so much! The meltdown has begun for me and I see and feel the fat melting away day by day! Something I never thought possible!

(Marleen Ceulemans)


“It’s so good to be ‘taken by the hand’…”

It’s so good to be ‘taken by the hand’ so to speak through all the steps Jon describes in his book. The Gabriel Method Step by Step program is really designed so you can take weekly steps, that are exciting, not a chore, because Jon gives us weekly visualizations that help you to happily incorporate every single one of them! I feel lighter, more positive and have already changed habits. This is only going to keep going and get better and better!



“I am getting so much out of The Gabriel Method Step by Step program…”

I am getting so much out of the Gabriel Method Step by Step program. I am really enjoying the structure and the support to understand and follow Jon’s method. It is really helpful to have the forum for support and to ask/answer questions, post progress or difficulties and such. I really am feeling the fat melt away! Can’t recommend it highly enough!

(Kathryn Lindsay)


“The Gabriel Method Step by Step program is the best thing that has happened to me…”

The Gabriel Method Step by Step program is the best thing that has happened to me. Ever since I read your book two years ago I wanted something like this. I just love the weekly checklists that show me exactly what to do. Since I started putting into practice the Gabriel method I can see an improved relationship with my husband. I have lost 2.5 kgs and I feel reassured that I can lose my excess weight – something I had given up on. The visualizations are calming and encouraging. Thank you Jon and the Team for this fantastic effort!

(Kavita Baluja)


“I read The Gabriel Method book regularly…”

I read this book regularly particularly when I need more inspiration to stay positive. I really enjoy Jon’s style of writing and the fact that the ideas can be easily assimilated into ‘real’ lives. It is effectively set out so that I can access the key information that I need, when I need it!

(Tracey Lee)


“Lost 4kg this week! Back on track and it’s not even an effort…”

Lost 4kg this week. Back on track and it’s not even an effort, not even attempted. New goal is 100kg by the 23rd of October which will be 100kg loss. I have to get there to show myself it can be done!

(Michael Turner)


“The Gabriel Method Book is such an excellent book…”

This is such an excellent book-thoroughly readable and with its feet planted firmly in the “real” world. I have read the book twice and use it as a reference book. I still feel that I have work to do to completely turn off the FAT programs, but this book is a great resource to assist me with my journey. I am a GP and have recommended to several of my patients that they purchase this book.

(Liz Mangan)


“I cannot thank you enough for assisting me in “flicking my thin switch back on…”

I've not dieted for 2 weeks and lost 15.5 pounds, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

(Sarah Toohey)


“I have lost about 15 pounds so far, and I now have a plan that I know will get me long-term results without as much pain…”

I find the most powerful parts are the visualization and mental aspects you teach. Your book has been a revelation as far as explaining why I have had trouble losing weight before.

(Dave Parkes)


“Fifty-five pounds total so far! I'm feeling better and better every day…”

I have lost another 3 pounds this week, despite indulging my cravings for chocolate. Fifty-five pounds total so far! I'm feeling better and better every day, and I have no loose skin!
Thanks so much — You inspire me every day!

(Denise Bullen)


“People like you really do make an impact on the world…”

I bought your book last Monday and it is AMAZING. People like you really do make an impact on the world. You have covered the very thing that everyone else misses—the mind-body connection.

(Jodi Bell)


“So far I've lost around 20 to 22 pounds within about seven weeks…”

I have been reading your book… and gradually implementing the recommendations you make — So far I've lost around 20 to 22 pounds within about seven weeks.

(David Buchbinder)


“Through reading your book and listening to the evening visualization CD I have gone from 108kgs to 58kgs!”

You are the best thing that ever happened to me, you have taken me out of a swirl of stress and constant weight worry. With reading your book and listening to your CD every night I have gone from 108 kgs to 58 kgs. I look better and sleep better. I trust myself. Thank you so much for being so real.

(Veronica Kufalk)


“I am a Personal Trainer and I currently train one of Jon's success stories from Sunshine Coast Australia who has lost 90 kilos with the Gabriel Method”

I totally resonate with Jon's work and have needed to implement it with myself and my own weight loss program.

(Bianca Aiono, Owner – SCULPTLife Personal Training)


“I’ve lost 23kgs in six months, I am really proud of myself and mostly thank Jon”

On the 14th June 2011, I weighed myself and was exactly 170kgs. Six months later on the 14th December 2011, I weighed myself and I am 147kgs, I have lost 23kgs so far. I am really proud of myself and mostly thank Jon. God bless you and your family with health, love and peace.

(Gabriel Haggar)


“I just wanted to say that I read your book about 2 years ago and have since then lost 75 lbs”

It was the most inspiring weight loss book I have ever read, and believe me, I've read a ton! It helped me figure out why I was holding on to that unwanted fat and helped me convince my body that I no longer needed it. I lost the weight with no extreme surgery or exercise. Thank you so much for writing this book, I have recommended it to so many people!

(Caroline Rehel)

The Gabriel Method Store

Video/Audio Programs

Fit Kids Revolution (Book)

Spurred to action after hearing countless stories from overweight kids who were bullied and shamed on a daily basis, Jon Gabriel, along with pediatric obesity specialist, Patrica A. Ronald Riba, MD, partnered to write Fit Kids Revolution: The Parent’s Diet-Free Guide to Raising Healthy Children.

No restrictive meal plans, no extreme exercise routines, no guilt, and no more shame. This book teaches parents to take a “whole child,” holistic approach to feeding and nurturing kids from the inside out. You’ll learn:

  • Specific strategies to raise a healthy child- including food shopping tips + healthy meal & snack ideas
  • Why restrictive diets are not the solution—and neither are “fat camps” or extreme exercise
  • How story time combined with positive visualizations can change a child’s habits naturally, from the inside out
  • Why the growing epidemic of “screen time” must be addressed head-on
  • How family meal times can impact children’s eating habits, weight, and health
  • Why parent-child love is the foundation for raising any healthy child

Bonus Resource Area
After you purchase the book, you’ll receive instant access to these amazing online resources.

  • Positive bedtime stories (audio for download)
  • 10 of the authors’ favorite healthy kids recipes
  • Evening visualization for parents (audio for download)

Living Goddess (2-disk CD set)


Women, experience this unique meditation designed specifically to help you connect with your feminine source energy.


  • Powerful meditation to make your body want to lose weight
  • Contains affirmations to help you learn to love yourself again
  • BONUS CD SMART Music CD to helps you turn your FAT switch OFF and change your internal chemistry.

Start Your Transformation 4-Disk DVD Box Set

A live workshop with Jon Gabriel (DVD)

Join Jon Gabriel for a powerful video training series. Program created at one of Jon’s sold-out, live training events Takes you deep into the fundamental principles of The Gabriel Method. This inspired workshop will show you how to put The Gabriel Method approach into action in your own life right away.

Mind Body Weight Loss Summit Archives

Get the complete archives of our first ever Mind Body Weight Loss Summit! Listen and learn from this unprecedented gathering of experts, speaking with Jon about losing weight naturally and healing your body.

What You’ll Get:

Digital Pack or 16-CD Box Set featuring:

  • Expert lectures by Daniel Benor, Jena la Flamme, Katrina Love Senn, Frank Ferrante, Philip McCluskey, Joe Cross, Nealon Hightower, Carol Look, Paula Robbins, Andrea Beaman, Roberta Temes, Renee Stephens, Marc David, Bryant McGill, and more!
  • Class transcripts
  • 3 bonuses: Qi Gong for Digestion, Tapping for Stress Relief, Meditation for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss (At Home Program)

Lose Weight, De-Stress and Transform Your Body and Life with Yoga. Learn from master yoga teacher and healer Katrina Love Senn, who healed her health problems, lost 60 pounds and kept iti off.

The Video Training Series

  • The Basics
  • Morning Practice
  • Evening Practice
  • Flow Practice
  • Ideal Body Visualization w/ Jon Gabriel
  • Guided Relaxation
  • Katrina’s Story

Bonus Items

  • Recipe Book – Katrina’s Favorites
  • Recipe Videos w/Jon Gabriel
  • 3 Audio Visualizations with Katrina
  • Pose Chart (for quick reference)

Tapping for Weight Loss
Documentary Film + Resources

Lose Weight, Reduce Stress & Overcome Emotional Challenges Using Meridian Tapping

Get the DVD as well as instant access to the online film and all the bonus extras. Plus dive deep with all 11 expert tapping sessions that address specific stresses and emotional challenges that cause weight gain.

Core Program:

  • Tapping for Weight Loss (the complete film)
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Extended Case Study: Meet David

Free Bonus:

  • Expert Tapping Sessions
  • Get Instant Access to 11 Master Class Tapping Sessions

Total Transformation Program

Multi-Media, At-Home Immersion Program

This comprehensive, Gabriel Method program walks you step-by-step through the Gabriel Method principles in an easy-to-follow, rich media format. The program includes the complete video book, a visualization library, quick & delicious recipes, and bonus seminars and lectures.


  • 12-Part Video Book Series
    (streaming or downloads – watch 1 per day)
  • PM Visualization Practice
    (mp3 audio – listen before bed)


  • Digital eBook- Gabriel Method
  • AM Visualization, Living Goddess & SMART Music
    (mp3 audio – downloads)
  • Living Warrior Visualization
    (mp3 audio – downloads)
  • American Holistic Health Lecture
    (mp3 audio – downloads)
  • Weight Loss for Kids – Audio Class
    (mp3 audio – downloads)
  • Jon’s Favorite Recipes
    (mp3 audio – downloads)

NOTICE: This is a Digital Product

The Gabriel Method Book

book with cd

International Best-Seller Print Book

Learn the exact tools that Jon Gabriel used to lose 225 lbs, going from 409 down to 184 lbs with no suffering, no dieting, and no extreme exercise regimes. This mind-body approach to weight loss completely transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people and has been incorporated into medical practices all over the world.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • How to turn off your FAT Programs
  • How to leverage your body's biology to make weight loss automatic
  • How to eliminate the emotional and mental sources for your weight gain
  • The power of visualization for changing your internal chemistry
  • The importance of adding healing foods to you life every day

Mind-Body Weight Loss Summit 2015
(Digital Conference)

Discover the Cutting-Edge, Mind-Body Weight Loss Strategies Used By Today’s Leading Health Experts…

The 2015 Mind-Body Weight Loss Summit Complete
Conference Video Library & Class Notes Now Available!

Core Program:

  • All 27 Summit video lectures available for instant access
  • Instant access to class notes in PDF format

Free Bonus:

  • QiGong for Digestion, Tapping for Stress Relief & Meditation for Weight Loss, Video Recipe Bonuses

Living Warrior (2-Disk CD Set)


If you are feeling overwhelmed with work and family responsibilities, then these audio programs are designed specifically for you to get back in touch with your inner, masculine, power.


  • Live on purpose with passion & drive
  • Tap into your source energy
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Experience peace and stillness in the chaos of life
  • BONUS CD – Eating for Vitality is a live audio class recording where Jon teaches you the importance of the “big 3” nutrients.

Weight Loss for Kids (2-Disk CD Set)


Practical tips for teaching The Gabriel Method to children:

  • Contains four keys to preventing obesity
  • Packed with practical action steps to start using straight away
  • Includes a FREE Jon Gabriel Seminar which explains his revolutionary method

Qigong for Weight Loss (Digital)


A beginner’s guide to Qi Gong, an at-home practice program with instant access. Join qigong master, Robert Peng, as he leads you and Jon Gabriel through a series of at-home routines designed to rekindle your qi energy (also known as vitality) within. This mind-body practice is very much a moving meditation, and it’s appropriate for all levels.

Online Learning Sessions

  • *Introduction – Getting Started
  • *Awakening Awareness
  • *Qi Ball
  • *Spleen & Stomach
  • *Gall Bladder & Liver

FREE Bonus Sessions

  • *Three Qi Exercises with Jon (video)
  • *Teleclass with Jon and Robert
  • *Meditation with Jon
  • NOTICE: This is a Digital Product

Cellular Wisdom (Audio Series)

Lose weight & transform your body from the inside out by unlocking the unlimited power of your mind! Join Jon Gabriel and GM Coach and hypnotherapist Paula Robbins to relieve stress & lose weight with guided meditations that work at the cellular level.

The Audio Series

  • Heal Your Digestion
  • Manifest Prosperity
  • Peace & Serenity
  • Safe & Protected Always

Bonus Material

  • The Basics with Paula and Jon
  • Seated Meditation 101
  • Visualize it, Realize it!
  • Raw Chocolate Recipe

Hungry For Change (Film - DVD)

A powerful new documentary about taking control of your health from the creators of Food Matters. Features Jon Gabriel, along with health advocate and chef, Jamie Oliver and interviews with best-selling health authors and leading medical experts.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How foods, supplements and detoxification can be used to treat chronic illnesses
  • How to lose weight using the natural mechanics of your body
  • Which foods to avoid and choose at the grocery store
  • How to overcome food addictions and cravings
  • The dangers of “diet” foods, MSG, sugar-free and fat-free products

Home Study Mini Course


Your complete home study mini course, containing all the essential Gabriel Method resources.

  • The Gabriel Method (Best-Selling Book)
  • Living Goddess (2-disk CD)
  • Weight Loss for Kids (2-disk CD)

21-Day Meditation for Weight Loss Challenge
(At-Home Audio Program)

Enjoy 21 separate and unique meditation practices, led by Jon Gabriel and Carol Look. Each session is just about 10 minutes long, so you can always find time to listen in the morning, during the day, or just before bed (the preferred time for most people). Each week has a different theme, and each day has an extremely specific focus. The idea is to build healthy habits for life; and very quickly, you’ll start to feel these positive affirmations and guided imagery being incorporated into your day-to-day consciousness.

The Audio Series

Week 1: Fitness, Health & Vitality

  • Day 1: Health
  • Day 2: Absorbing Nutrients
  • Day 3: Digestive Flow
  • Day 4: Live Body, Live Food
  • Day 5: Sending Love
  • Day 6: Healing Energy
  • Day 7: Ideal Body

Week 2: Safety & Weight Loss

  • Day 8: I Am Safe
  • Day 9: Feeling Protected
  • Day 10: Strong and Secure
  • Day 11: Power
  • Day 12: Releasing Fear
  • Day 13: Forgiveness
  • Day 14: Feeling Free

Week 3: Stress Reduction for Weight Loss

  • Day 15: Peace
  • Day 16: Calm Light
  • Day 17: Inner Wisdom
  • Day 18: Success
  • Day 19: Worthy
  • Day 20: Trust
  • Day 21: Abundance

Bonus Material

  • How to Visualize (video)
  • Intro to Tapping with Carol Look (PDF and Audio)
  • 5 Pre-Meditation Stretches with Sonia Doubell (video)

NOTICE: This is a Digital Product

Nutritional Products

Fitness Programs

Gabriel Method Fitness (At Home Program)

Energize your body and burn fat with fun & playful exercises you can do anywhere! Jon Gabriel and Coach Brian Killian's easy-to-use, at-home fitness program allows you to mix and match your own unique work-in routine. No fancy gym membership or exercise equipment is required. Set aside 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week, and you’ll see and feel more benefits that you’ve previously experienced using old fashioned, long and boring gym-style workouts.

Video Sessions:

  • 3 "Get Thin or Get Eaten" Sessions
  • 3 Resistance Training Sessions
  • Bendy-Body Cool Down

Bonus Content:

  • Visualizations for Fitness
  • Pre- and Post- Workout Recipes
  • No More Cardio! Webinar
  • Round Table Discussion on Gabriel Method Fitness

NOTICE: This is a Digital Product


FREE 30-Day Trial - Support Group

All the resources you need to kickstart your transformation!

  • Talk to Jon personally during call-in days
  • Full access to all live classes & archives
  • 24/7 access to members forum
  • The entire visualization library
  • Recipes and video recipes
  • “Best of” audio lectures

Total Transformation Coaching Experience

Total Transformation Coaching Experience

Get The Personal Guidance and Support You Need For Permanent, Sustainable Weight Loss

  • 2 One-on-One Coaching Sessions a month with a Gabriel Method Certified Coach.
  • Access to the entire Gabriel Method Program Library
  • One Full Year’s Access to the Gabriel Method Support Group where you can…
  • Your customized monthly training and action steps

The Ultimate Coaching Experience


Start Your Personalized Transformational Journey Today…

This intensive, personalized coaching program gives you direct access to Jon and his inner circle of health professionals, coaches, and healing specialists, including

  • Psychologists
  • Personal trainers
  • Nutritional coaches
  • Emotional release specialists
  • Naturopaths


Gabriel Method Immersion Course

The Gabriel Method Immersion Course is an online program, where you'll get immediate access to a 5-part video series, 3 bonus video training sessions and a bonus visualization mp3. This program is designed so you can go at your own pace while enjoying the in-depth learning and intense immersion of a Gabriel Method Retreat. The suggested protocol is to watch one module each day for the next week, and take it step-by-step.

5-Part Video Series

  • Core Concepts
  • Nutrition
  • Stress & Emotional Balance
  • Fitness
  • 5 Case Studies

3 Bonus Video Training Sessions

  • Crazy Sexy Wellness with Kris Carr
  • Conscious Eating with Emily Fletcher
  • Pleasurable Weight Loss with Jena la Flamme

Bonus Visualization Mp3

  • Embracing Change Visualization


The Gabriel Method E-Recipe Book (Digital)

Super Delicious, Super Nutritious

Quick and easy “Gabrielicious” recipes the entire family will enjoy. These recipes will give you high energy during the day and help you burn fat while you sleep. You’ll be amazed at how rich and flavorful eating The Gabriel Method way can be.

Here’s What You’ll Find:

  • Fast and simple breakfasts
  • Protein-rich snacks
  • Omega-3 everything
  • Wheat-free pancakes & brownies
  • Savory dinners
  • Hearty soups & snacks

About the Recipe Book

  • Digital format, instant access
  • 287 pages of super delicious, super nutritious recipes
  • Photos of every single recipe
  • Simple-to-make everything (no chef skills required)

NOTICE: This is a Digital Product

Losing Weight is a Healing Journey (Book)


Are you ready to lose weight naturally without dieting, deprivation or drugs? This book will show you how...

In a world full of junk food, fad diets, misinformation and toxic medications, Katrina's approach to weight loss is refreshingly simple and easy-to-follow.

You'll Learn How To:

  • Reconnect with your own healing abilities
  • Release weight easily and effortlessly
  • Explore mind-body practices

Katrina is a yoga teacher and healer, and leads the Gabriel Method program, Yoga for Weight Loss.