9 Year Old "Unhealthy" Food Blogger Gets Shutdown by School. You Won't Believe Her Response… 

One young girl starts a movement inspiring others to make school lunches healthier, all over the world.


On the first day Martha Payne, 9, reviewed her school lunch online, she also posted a picture of a small pizza, a cupcake, sweet corn and a reconstituted potato croquette. “I’m a growing kid and I need to concentrate all afternoon and I can’t do it on 1 croquette,” she wrote. “Do any of you think you could?”

The New York Times reports that Scottish student Martha’s blog Neverseconds (so called because she’d never ask for seconds on her school lunches) rates her school meals on five criteria — number of mouthfuls, courses, healthiness, price and the presence of unwanted hair.

The blog had been viewed nearly by four million people one month after that first post. A global health movement was galvanized, and due to the intense criticism of their school’s food, Martha was told that she could no longer take her camera to school.

Within 24 hours of Martha’s blogging about the ban, though, Neverseconds received more than a million page views. Her town’s council lifted the camera ban soon after.

The publicity has brought a flood of donations to Mary’s Meals, a charity that feeds children in 16 countries. The $77,000 Martha raised built a canteen in Malawi to serve lunches to children there. Martha’s blog now includes photos of school lunches submitted from throughout the word, submitted by children and school staff alike.

Martha is not the first person to grapple with the quality of school meals, which critics contend rely heavily on fatty, salty, greasy and processed foods. Tater tots, pizza and cheeseburgers make regular apperances on too many school menus…

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