Spend 4 Days with Me in Paradise… Eat Delicious
Foods, Benefit from My New Cutting-Edge Research
& Transform Your Body & Your Life—Right Now!

March 5th-8th 2013 Kiama, NSW Australia

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: results not typical, individual results vary widely. Full FTC Disclaimer

Come join me at The Gabriel Method 4-Day Retreat in Kiama,
New South Wales Australia, and let me show you how to …

  • Lose weight without dieting and keep it off. You'll understand why diets don't work and how to get
    off the dieting roller coaster once and for all
  • Dissolve negative emotions and create a positive spiral in your life
  • Protect yourself against stressful people and situations
  • Improve the relationships in your life
  • Make positive changes easily and effortlessly and live the life you truly were meant to live
  • Attract more success, happiness, abundance and love into your life – The great thing about the Gabriel Method principles is that you can use them to help improve any area of your life that you like. So you'll not only learn how to lose weight once and for all and keep it off, you'll also be able to improve other areas of your life.

Dear Reader,

If you've always wanted to do The Gabriel Method, but couldn't get started; if you started using my unique approach and then stoped for unknown reasons; if you've always wanted to spend a few days working with me one on one to help take your weight loss transformation to the next level or; if you want to have abundant energy and create super success in every area of your life.. I invite you to join me at The Gabriel Method Retreat in beautiful Kiama (NSW) for 4 days of…

  • Cutting edge weight loss techniques
  • Delicious Gabriel Method cuisine
  • Powerful guided visualizations
  • Guest speakers that'll inspire you
  • Fun and friendship with other Gabriel Method followers from around the world

And all the tools you'll need to totally transform your body, your family and your life.

Not only that, when you join me at The Gabriel Method Kiama 4 day Retreat you'll also…

  • Discover the secret to activating The Get Thin or Get Eaten Adaptation to get your body to want to be thin and burn fat easily and effortlessly.
  • Learn simple eating ideas that will nourish your body and mind.
  • Find out how to make your body produce fewer starvation signals.
  • Eliminate junk food cravings forever.
  • Eat whatever you want whenever you want and still lose weight and keep it off.
  • Enjoy quick and easy Gabriel Method Super Delicious / Super Nutritious recipe ideas that are healthy for your body and taste great.
  • Learn how to "make over" your refrigerator.
  • Find out how to keep burning fat and eating healthy even if you're travelling.
  • Learn how to eliminate stress, fear and negative emotions that are activating your FAT Programs – once and for all!

The Gabriel Method Immersion Experience

When you attend my Kiama 4 day Retreat you'll get to experience what I call The Gabriel Method Immersion Experience.

I personally believe immersion is the best way to get quick results.

Why? Because for a period of a couple of days you do NOTHING but focus on the area that is most important to you.

  • No distractions
  • No family obligations
  • No work commitments

This is a perfect way to develop positive habits that can last a lifetime. In our rushed and busy lives, immersion experiences such as The Gabriel Method Retreat are rare. Day by day we normally have so much to do! Which I think is a pity because immersion experiences are the best way to change your life quickly.

In a typical day I'll guide you through powerful morning and evening visualizations. After the morning visualization we will do some amazing vitality building exercises that super charge your body with energy. After that you'll enjoy a Gabriel Method, all you can eat, Super Delicious / Super Nutritious breakfast.

Then after a relaxing break, where you'll get to spend time with Gabriel Method enthusiasts from all over the world, or go for a walk or swim on the lovely Kiama beach, we'll start the training. And the training is not only about losing weight without dieting and keeping it off forever, it's about creating an amazing positive spiral in every area of your life – having more energy, more vitality, success in business, harmonious loving relationships, and leading a low stress, fearless, passionate life and about really making your dreams come true in 2013.

  • How do you find your life's purpose?
  • How do you live your life's purpose?
  • How can you have boundless, unlimited energy and passion to make it all happen easily, effortlessly?

These are just some of the questions we are going to answer in these morning sessions. Also, you will learn how to let go of fears, traumas and stresses that are devitalising you, activating your FAT programs and stopping you from having and being all you are capable of being. This work goes much further and deeper than my one-day seminar – This has the potential to change your life forever!

I Will Personally Cook For You

One of the most common questions I get is about recipes and cooking ideas. Even though I have lots of suggestions on my website and in my book, people always want to know more.

Which is why, at the Retreat, I will personally prepare for you Gabriel Method Cuisine, for breakfast, lunch and snacks – all included in the price of the course – These are actual recipes endorsed by me and they are the same recipes I eat day by day at home.

I'm not a gourmet chef, and you may or may not be, I don't know. But these recipes are easy to prepare and take very little time. At The Gabriel Method Retreat, I'll be showing you how to cook these recipes too.

You Get A Private One-on-One Consultation

And if that isn't enough, you'll also get a private one-on-one consultation with me after the event.

We'll jump on the phone and I'll speak to you personally about anything you want. During this consultation I'll be able to tailor my approach to YOUR life.

  • We can discuss how to turn off The FAT Programs.
  • We can discuss the eating habits that sabotage your progress.
  • We can discuss how to design a lifestyle that works for YOU.
  • We can discuss absolutely anything you want. It's your time. I'm here for you.

You should know I rarely do consultations. My schedule is too limited. And when I do, my consulting rate is $295 per hour.

But you don't have to pay that. Register your participation in The Gabriel Method Retreat and you'll get a consultation at no cost with my compliments. Spend 4 days with me in beautiful Kiama, New South Wales. Have an amazing time and give me the opportunity to empower you with tools and knowledge that will truly transform your body and your life forever!

“There is no better way to learn than in total immersion, and no better way to change old habits and create new ones than to completely change your environment and step into a new reality…”


PHOTO: morning QiGong Sessions… so beautiful!

Here’s what the Gabriel Method Kiama Retreat is All About:

This intensive runs Tuesday through Friday, the perfect length to truly lay the groundwork for massive change.

When you arrive on Tuesday, you’ll join the the VIP Mocktail Party with healthy drinks and Gabriel Method-friendly snacks.

You’ll love my zucchini fritters, flax cracker dips, and chocolate seed treats. We kick off the intensive with a guided meditation that first evening to set the tone for our work in the following days—and then we get started full swing on Wednesday morning.


PHOTO: You’ll learn fast, easy & delicious Gabriel Method recipes.

I’ll warn you in advance, the first day is a BIG one as there is a lot to take in.

Most people take notes, which is a great idea, of course; but even more important is that you simply stay open to new ideas, practice the visualizations with the group, and allow the process to unfold.

During all 3 course days, we’ll serve breakfast, lunch and snacks, all Gabriel Method-approved foods: fresh, delicious, and many directly from my recipe book.

We’ll have Johnny Chow for breakfast, as well as an assortment of frittatas, salads, fruits, and maybe my now-famous blueberry pancakes. And no need to ask, the answer is “yes”, I’ll be making my choco-chia brownies as usual.

DAY 2 & 3

Days 2 and 3 is when the intensive starts to get really fun, when people loosen up and start getting inspired and excited. On Thursday, I’m going to spend the bulk of the day sharing with you all the new research I’ve uncovered for my upcoming book, Genetically Thin.

We’re going to learn specific practices that will help you influence YOUR genetic expression. We’re going to learn about visualization from a scientific perspective, and we’re going to learn the most cutting-edge techniques for emotional release. These are things I’ve been using privately, but have not yet taught publically to my readers.

On both Thursday and Fridaday, there are TaiChi and Yoga classes in the mornings. One of my favorite teachers is joining us, so I’ve convinced her to lead a class each day for me and anyone who wants to join.

I love mind-body practices; so if you’re interested, there’ll be some great opportunities for you to learn in a supportive environment.

In case you haven’t heard, I’m a featured expert in the new documentary film, Hungry for Change, so on Thursday night, we’re going to have a “movie night” screening, and everyone will get a signed copy of the DVD to take home.

It’s an excellent film, and I’m really excited to share it with you.


PHOTO: ride bikes with me! (optional day 3 group ride,
bike/helmet rental approx. $35)

This is really the best day, the highlight of the course. It’s about putting it all together and creating healthy habits for life. Forget about meal plans or impossible exercise schedules, together, we’ll craft a plan that addresses your real issues; a plan that’s fun and fulfilling; and one that is specifically catered for your life.

Thursday culminates with movie viewing of the documentary "Hungry for Change" and a Evening Visualization to help you get rested for our final retreat day.

DAY 4 (Last day)

Friday is final retreat day where we’ll all meet in the morning for a group morning visualization, breakfast and our final intensive sessions.

Want to ride bikes with me?

During our lunch break, I’m going to lead a group bike ride. If you’ve biked around with dozens of friends before, it’s really fun. It’s completely optional, of course, but if you enjoy cycling, come along and join us. It’s a nice, relaxed, leisurely ride, and we’ll take in some of Kiama’s beautiful scenery.

Then we'll conclude the event with a beautiful Gala Dinner and a live musical performance by one of my most talented Gabriel Method readers. Great food, great music, and great friends. I’m always amazed how energized I feel during this course, it’s like a whirlwind of positive energy that keeps building and building, and the friendships and connections everyone makes are invaluable.



Feedback from recent attendees of Jon Gabriel's talks and seminars:

"I had a great time at the retreat last week. I still feel so lucky to have won, it is the first time I have ever won anything. The event was fantastic and I learned so much. The food was awesome too. Although I am only eight kilos overweight I have moderate sleep apnea and recent blood tests revealed that I am insulin resistant which is quite concerning. I also have moderately high blood pressure. Jon discussed these topics at length during the retreat in terms that were easily understandable and it is apparent that by following his method that they can be reversed. I am also a very high stress person which I have always accepted as ‘just how I am’ but I learned how stress and emotional baggage can make my body ‘want to be fat’ and how dangerous it is to my health. I’m now taking serious steps to deal with it, including listening to Jon’s visualization CDs which I find a great help in keeping my mind focused. I am a serious foodie who loves to cook, entertain and dine out. One of the things I like so much about Jon’s eating and lifestyle plan (I keep wanting to say diet, but it isn’t a diet) is that I can still do so without feeling deprived in any way. It’s more about adding the nutrients my body needs as opposed to restricting things."

"I just wanted to thank you for the informative and inspiring seminar I have just attended in Kiama. Although I have read your book twice, the difference in the impact and clarity in your personal presentation was fabulous. I admire so much your willingness to share your knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to help us deal with our weight issues in a friendly, non-threatening way (and at an affordable cost.) I am so looking forward to the coming days, weeks and years when my quality of life transforms because of the way I will feel about myself (not guilty or worthless) and the healthy and comfortable body I will relish. Thank you again."
Diane Pritchett

"I went to the Kiama Retreat, which was amazing. I learned so much about myself and how to be the person I want to be. Everything about the retreat was fantastic – I especially found doing “live” visualisations with Jon, not just the tapes, very beneficial in reducing my stress levels and pain. Adding the Big Three to meals is already paying of and the Cook Book is fantastic. I’ve already recommended the Gabriel Method, or some of its components, to a number of people and will continue to do so."
Fran Ballard

"I was at the Kiama Retreat 2012. The week just blew me away and opened my eyes to a world I didn't even realize existed. Sharing with people and teaching them how to help themselves, either to heal their bodies or to get to where they feel comfortable with their bodies, is a huge responsibility. I’m so very glad there’s someone with your knowledge willing to pass on the information that I and others so desperately need. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing Jon in your totally approachable, comfortable way you deliver hope. I know that it has helped me."
Lynda Rose

"G,day Jon, Yeah look, I gotta say I just loved your seminar. You and your message have arrived in my life at a time which can only be described as fortuitous and your perfect calmness is something which I strive for (albeit with varying degrees of success). I hope the rest of the world hears. Im a fairly blokey bloke so gushing praise from me is rare but heartfelt. Am looking forward to the rest of my life now..."
Mark Rhodes

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation at the American Holistic Medical Association meeting in Portland two weeks ago...it was wonderful to hear your perspective on weight loss. Keep up your wonderful work!!!"
Nimi Singh, MD, MPH, MA
Division Head, Adolescent Health and Medicine
Dept. of Pediatrics
U. of Minnesota School of Medicine

"Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed listening to you speak at the Rebellious Conference at Burswood on the weekend. Your passion for what you are doing shines through, as does the gentle way in which you relate to the members of the audience ... Looking around me I could see that people were touched by the message you were giving and respected you for not making them feel like second class citizens."
Joanne D
Perth WA

"We really enjoyed your presentation at the weightloss seminar in Perth and have also been very inspired by your book. Finally some sensible advice!"
Vanessa & Seth W
Warnboro WA

"Thanks for the great workshop today. It's so inspiring to listen to and see someone who has lived and is living what he is teaching - and with such fantastic results! And the snacks were delicious!"
Nicola B
Denmark WA

"After seeing and hearing you speak today at the conference. I have to say thank you so much for inspiring me to do the same as you have. I started to read your book and in fact its 2am and I am still up reading it. It is so full of information its unreal...."
Perth WA

"It was great to meet you last weekend - I think you did a fabulous job of presenting and I learned a lot. ....it was an inspiring talk and you must have been pleased to see how many people grabbed a copy of your book/CD;..."
Lisa D
Perth WA

"I'm coming with smiles, bells and whistles! I went last year and am addicted - I’m hoping it will become an annual event for me! I had a great time, met lovely people in a very safe environment where judgment is absent. I got inspired, which set me up for the many changes I made this past year and I’m ready for more!

I relaxed, took in the Kiama sunshine, fresh sea air, swam in the sea pool, did Yoga and Qi Gong, ate the sun, walked along the beach, drank wheatgrass juice (I’m more accustomed to it now!), biked, ate, socialised, reflected, cried, laughed, listened, talked, learned about myself, swung on a swing in the park, did a tour of Kiama (guided by the lovely local Helen, who is very biased to Kiama and rightly so!), meditated and went to the conference in a Limo!

But most of all, I took time for ME! I can't recommend it highly enough! I'm on the count down, and the joy germs are bouncing around inside me like crazy! Looking forward to meeting you all there! xo"
Karen Clunie

"...I wanted to say how profoundly I was moved by your talk and thank my angels/guides or whoever is out there for sending me along....Had to admit that when you spoke of the "emotional obesity' my eyes filled with tears as this so went to heart........ thank you soooooooooo much for sharing your story - and for your sincerity and the feeling of genuine caring for your audience that you give. I am sure you must get many many letters of appreciation but wanted to add mine to the list...."
Practise Manager
South Perth

"Hi Jon, Just wanted to express to you my sincere thanks for the opportunity to attend your seminar today. I think I will be adding my voice to the chorus of others who found what you had to say resonating with their own lives. I found myself very emotional today, with a number of your points hitting close to home and answering some questions therapy has failed to answer. I don’t normally allow my emotions to come out, so it just goes to show the power of what you have to say. I was lovely to have met you, and spend a day in your company. Thank you for giving to others and helping to make lives better. I feel a whole new phase of my life is about to begin. 🙂 Warmest regards,"
Jodie Sinclair


Seminar Friends Seminar Friends Seminar Friends

Kiama Headland

Facts About Kiama

Kiama is a small seaside town, approximately 1.5 hours drive south of Sydney. It embraces a safe harbour, beautiful beaches, rainforests and lovely rural views. It is easily accessible from Sydney with several transport options available.

The climate at this time of year is perfect. Temperatures range from 20-24°C and the water temperature is warm enough for people to enjoy swimming.

The Convention is being held at The Pavillion, Kiama. The Pavillion is set amidst Norfolk Pine trees on the headland overlooking Kiama's Surf Beach and enjoys views extending north to the Lighthouse.


Getting to the convention

All accommodation and travel arrangements to and from the convention are the sole responsibility of the attendee/s.

There are regular flights into Kingsford Smith Airport (Sydney Airport) and the Airport is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Kiama.

Transfers from the Airport to Kiama can be arranged via any of the following ways:

Private transfer

Shoal Haven Shuttle - Ph +612 4422 5006

Leisure Coast Limousine - Ph +612 4261 7393

Airport Direct - Ph +612 4229 4935

Car Rental
Rentals available from the airport

Available from Central Station directly to Kiama


Suggested accommodation venues below are within a 5 min walk to the Pavillion, where the Convention will be held. For special convention rates at Kiama Harbour Cabins and Kiama Cove Motel be sure to mention the Gabriel Method World Convention when making your booking.

Kiama Harbour Cabins

Kiama Cove Motel

Surf Beach Holiday Park

Kiama Oceanview Motor Inn

Kiama Terrace Motor Inn

Motel 617

The Sebel Harbourside Kiama

Kendalls on the Beach Holiday Park

For further information, visit the
Kiama Visitor Centre.


Kiama River


Kiama Waterfall

"You are an outstanding presenter and you really touched the audience. So many people have sent in rave reviews about you."
Paul Higgins
CEO Aussie Wellness and promoter of The Rebellious Weightloss Super Conference

"You must be thrilled with the responses from your testimony....I am so pleased that I decided to come on Sunday ..... Thanks again for doing all that research and confirming what I suspected all along but not quite sure how to attack it."
Kathleen C
Perth WA

"I can't thank you enough for coming to the conference. Your session was dynamite, and clearly had an impact on the participants."
Dr Nancy Sudak
Conference Chairman of The American Holistic Medical Associationfont


FREE Bonus #1 – Mocktail Party!

Join me on Tuesday evening after you arrive for an exclusive Mocktail Party. This is a casual gathering where we can get to know each other, chat, and share a healthy drink to start the retreat off right.

What? Drinks & Snacks
Dress? Casual


FREE Bonus #2 – Free Signed DVD

Check out my film debut! I’m a featured expert in the new documentary film HUNGRY FOR CHANGE. We’re going to have a “movie night” during the retreat where we’ll watch this as a group, and I’m going to give you a signed copy to take home with you too.

What? Signed DVD free


FREE Bonus #3 – 1-on-1 Consult with Jon

You already know that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process, and using The Gabriel Method, it can be a very enjoyable process…

… and I want to talk to you! After the retreat, I always like to check in with all attendees 2-3 months after to see how they are doing. At the retreat, you’ll receive a free consultation call coupon you can use any time in the next year. You and I will get on the phone, talk about your progress, and map out the next phase of your transformation.

What? 1-on-1 consults after the retreat to see how you’re doing and to keep you on the right track for long term success.


Limited Space…

If you’ve read my book and are ready to take action and immerse yourself in this approach; if you’re ready to address the real causes of your weight problem and reverse them forever, then scroll down for registration information.

Last year, this event completely sold out with a waiting list in a matter of days. Because we prepare Gabriel Method-friendly food each day, we can only accommodate so many attendees. Our catering company just can’t feed a huge group; so please, if this seems right for you, do sign up soon.

I’m busy planning and preparing already for March, and I very much look forward to meeting you in person. Hope to see you soon…

In health,

Gabriel Method

p.s. The Mocktail Party is optional, of course, and it’s not really a part of the retreat, but it’s a great way for us to get to know each other before the retreat starts.


What people are saying about the food...

The Gabriel Method Kiama Retreat
March 5th-8th 2013 | Kiama, New South Wales

  • I understand this is the most in-depth *live* Gabriel Method event of 2013
  • I understand this is not a bootcamp or fitness program
  • I understand attendees join a positive group of like-minded people looking for real solutions to transform their body & mind
  • I understand that this approach to weight loss is unorthodox & completely opposite to traditional diet/exercise advice—and yet 100% safe, medically sound, and effective for all people of all backgrounds.

Tuition: $697 Save 29% Now Only $497 AUD
Includes 4-Day Retreat & All Workshops, Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks Daily
PLUS Celebration Gala Dinner (last night)