James Colquhoun first got into filmmaking due to a family medical crisis.

His father was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. He started visiting many different specialists and was prescribed numerous medications, which caused his health to decline.

After 5 years, he was on 6 medications, had gained more than 50 lbs, and was suffering through terrible side effects…

… and throughout it all, he was still dealing with the chronic fatigue that had thrust him into this medical nightmare to begin with!

In fact, the drugs worsened his symptoms, and caused him to spiral into depression and anxiety.

It’s a slippery slope that all too many people find themselves on.

When you receive a diagnosis that contains the word ‘syndrome,’ that typically means that medical professionals aren’t quite sure what is causing your symptoms… and, often, how to treat them effectively.

Doctors can wind up throwing a variety of treatments at the wall and trying to figure out what sticks.

This approach can work well when it comes to marketing, but not so much when it comes to medicine!

This type of treatment is also based on addressing symptoms, rather than the underlying cause of illness.

Nutritional therapy was considered fringe while James’s father was dealing with his medical issues, but James was consistently finding scientific, peer-reviewed evidence during his research that showed that nutrition plays a huge role in wellness, healing, and detoxification.

James wanted to get this information out there — and convince his father that there was another way to heal.

So, he produced the film Food Matters, which featured interviews with nutritional experts and scientists.

Eventually, James began to work with his father to heal him more naturally.

They cleaned out his cupboard and fridge, removing the meat and gluten-based foods and restocking them with healthier options like green foods and juices.

They worked together with a naturopathic doctor to wean him off of his medications and increased therapeutic doses of supplements such as Vitamin C, fish oil, and 5-HTP.

In 3 months, he was off all of his medications, had renewed energy, and lost the weight he’d put on during his medical treatment.

In this video, James shares his research, results, and advice for living a healthful lifestyle that provides a barrier to disease.