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New Course: Look over Jon’s shoulder as he leads a private retreat from his home in Australia.

Dear Reader,

If you need to lose 20, 40 or even 100lbs or more, there's a very good chance I can help you. My name is Jon Gabriel, and I lost over 200lbs without diets or extreme exercise using a mind-body approach called, The Gabriel Method.

I developed this system to solve my own weight problems, and then I documented the process in my first book that went on to become a best-seller in 3 countries and was translated into 16 different languages.


I've Conducted Live Workshops & Retreats
to Over 10,000 People in 4 countries…

Over the past 7 years, I've been leading workshops and retreats in the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand; and I've found that working with people in person is just so powerful…

… and while I've worked with over 10,000 people at seminars, there are literally hundreds of thousands more who I haven't yet had the opportunity to work with in an immersion-type setting.

To solve this, I invited a handful of Gabriel Method readers to my home, and we filmed a live retreat right there on the spot.

This is one of the smallest and most intimate gatherings I've ever had, and it provides a total immersion into The Gabriel Method principles for sustained weight loss.

There are 5 main video learning modules…

  • First, there is the Core Concept session where we dispel the myth that weight loss is simply a matter of willpower and deprivation; and instead, we focus on an “inside out” approach where you get your body to want to be thin.
  • In the 2nd module, we dive into the role of lifestyle stress and emotional challenges, and how these factors can have a dramatic impact on your hormonal balance and your weight. In my experience, stress is the biggest threat to weight gain, and you'll learn here how to reverse it.
  • Next up is the nutrition module where you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn how delicious it is to eat The Gabriel Method way. This is so much fun and so enjoyable because our approach is about achieving hormonal balance through abundance and nourishing your body – not starvation or restriction.
  • Fitness is the fourth module, and it's included because most people I work with are doing things wrong. They're convinced they just need to “burn off” their excess weight through extreme exercise, but the opposite is often true. Shorter workouts with greater intensity, playful movements, and plenty of rest are the key ingredients in Gabriel Method Fitness.
  • Last but not least, we have 5 case study sessions where you can watch and listen to people talking one-on-one with me about their challenges. These are people just like you who are struggling with their weight and seeking help. It's an open dialogue and many people have found these sessions to be the most insightful, as they are really The Gabriel Method in action.


Take a “Sneak Peak” Behind-the-Scenes
at the Immersion Course..

VIDEO: This is some of the most in-depth teaching I've ever given in a retreat setting.

This program is designed so you can go at your own pace, but my suggestion is to watch one module each day for the next week. Take it step-by-step, and allow yourself to get fully immersed in this new approach to weight loss.

This entire mind-body weight loss movement began with my book, and we continue to publish many books here at The Gabriel Method…

… but I've discovered that video learning has an even bigger impact for some readers; and for almost everyone, it brings theory to life with real people and real situations.


No Travel, No Planning Required…
Complete the Course at Your Own Pace!

The Gabriel Method Immersion Course is an online program, so you'll get immediate access to the entire video course right after you sign up. You can watch the program from your computer or your phone at any time, or you can download the entire series to play on any device you like.

My typical retreats are very affordable, but they still cost anywhere from $200-$800 plus travel, so I wanted to offer this program at a price that would make the retreat experience accessible to everyone for just $99.

As a special bonus, right now, I'm also offering 3 extra classes led by some of my most-trusted colleagues who often lead sessions at Gabriel Method live retreats. These bonus video sessions include classes with Kris Carr, an amazing woman who has lived with Stage 4 cancer for over 10 years and is a true pioneer of positive thinking, natural living, and personal transformation…

… the next session is with Emily Fletcher, a powerful meditation teacher and a close colleague at The Gabriel Method. She can teach anyone to meditate, and you'll actually stick with it because she makes it so simple and enjoyable.

Lastly, I'm going to share with you an important session with Jena la Flamme, a weight loss expert who focuses on pleasure and enjoyment (rather than suffering).

These bonus materials alone are well worth the price of the entire program, and they are not available anywhere else.

As a final bonus, I've also recorded a special evening visualization just for this Immersion Course.

My evening visualizations are the most popular of anything I publish, so I'm excited to release this new practice just for you. It's designed to break down any barriers you may have toward change and help you integrate everything you've learned from the program into your life.

While that sounds like a big task, your job is simply to press “play” and listen to this visualization with its soothing SMART music each night before you go to bed. Like the other bonuses, this “Embracing Change” visualization practice is not available anywhere else. I created it exclusively for Immersion Course students.


What Attendees Are Saying About Jon's Retreats

“The single biggest thing that will make the difference is dealing with your emotional issues”

My biggest take away from the retreat was realizing that even though it’s good to eat well and eventually exercise a little, the single biggest thing that will make the difference is dealing with your emotional issues, and of course finding out what they are. Without doing that your body will still hold onto weight.

– Annabel H.

“I learned so much”

I learned so much. The Gabriel Method was completely new to me and I am still “digesting” what was covered. The draw for me originally was the desire to understand why sometimes I gained weight even though I was dieting and exercising, and why I lost weight sometimes with no effort at all. Jon’s explanations re: stress hormones and metabolism, emphasis on “doing the emotional work first,” and meditation/creative visualization, rang bells for me. It has been enlightening to think back about what was happening in my life when I gained or lost weight, what triggered my fight or flight response, etc. I’m doing meditation every day and realizing how important it is to me to be able to say that I am safe. Thanks, Jon.

– Anne H.

“I feel so free”

One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. I feel so different, free. Thank you Jon, for bringing your message to us.

– Susan J.

“It opened the door to my feelings and emotions”

I was quite nervous and actually fearful to go but I pushed past the fear and came anyway. This is an experience I will always remember because it opened the door to my feelings and emotions that I have kept firmly locked for so long and boy did those emotions flow! I am grateful to Jon for his knowledge, grace and kindness for sharing himself with all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Jacqueline B.

“The retreat was amazing”

It was an incredibly powerful and wonderful experience. The retreat was amazing. I am so grateful to have met and learned from Jon. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.

– Deborah A.

“A huge turning point for me”

It was truly incredible. It turned out to be a huge turning point for me. Jon’s professional yet so relaxed attitude was so refreshing! Thank you so much to Jon and his team for making this so special.

– Annabel W.

“Losing weight hasn't been an effort”

I'm really grateful. Losing weight hasn't been an effort. I hated exercise, and now it's fun!

– Brigitte (lost 35lbs/16kg)


Gabriel Method Immersion Course
The Retreat Experience from the Comfort of Your Own Home

This program is designed so you can go at your own pace while enjoying the in-depth learning and intense immersion of a Gabriel Method Retreat. The suggested protocol is to watch one module each day for the next week, and take it step-by-step.


5-Part Video Series
Core Concepts | Nutrition | Stress & Emotional Balance | Fitness | 5 Case Studies


3 Bonus Video Training Sessions ($97 value FREE!)

Crazy Wellness with Kris Carr

Kris is a creative wellness activist, a best-selling author, the star of the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. Kris and Jon dive deep into meditation, tapping, and other tools she has used in her healing journey, despite all the odds stacked against her.

Conscious Eating with Emily Fletcher

We often prioritize eating fast, or eating while multitasking, over eating in a conscious, deliberate and grateful manner. Emily teaches us mindful techniques, using all the senses, for savoring and appreciating food. Helpful for anyone trying to lose weight and keep it off for good!

Pleasurable Weight Loss with Jena la Flamme

Learn Jena’s secrets of Pleasurable Weight Loss, in an intimate discussion with Jon Gabriel at Jena’s private practice in New York City. Learn to trust and work with the wisdom of your body, rather than fighting and struggling against it. By incorporating more pleasure in your life, you’ll learn how to actually enjoy the process of losing weight, and keeping it off.

Bonus Visualization MP3 ($19 value FREE!)

Embracing Change Visualization

As a bonus, you'll get instant access to this exclusive “Embracing Change” evening visualization practice. Simply press play before bed, and enjoy deep sleep, reduced stress hormones, and positive changes that will carry over into the following day.


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Like everything at The Gabriel Method, this program is backed by our iron-clad, 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Here’s how it works. If for any reason (or no reason at all), you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange it for a full and prompt refund. No fine print. No hassles.

Your Body is Not a Math Equation…

Contrary to what most people tell you, losing weight is not a calories-in, calories-out game. Your body is much more complex than a simple math equation.

While most people will tell you to eat less and exercise more, hardly anyone is asking the most fundamental of questions:

  • Why is my body craving more food than it needs right now?
  • Why is it so easy to gain weight but so difficult for me to lose it right now?
  • And why is physical activity unappealing all of a sudden, when I used to be active?

Pop health focuses on the symptoms of internal imbalance—weight gain and lack of energy—but at The Gabriel Method, we address the real, underlying causes of your problem, and that's when the real breakthroughs happen.

Each day, I get emails from readers around the world, hoping I'll come to their city to host a live retreat. While I have every intention to keep teaching live events well into the future, realistically, I'm not going to make it to every city—so this program bridges the gap in way that is truly unique and just as powerful…

… with The Gabriel Method Immersion Course, you get best of a total immersion experience from the comfort of your own home.

I hope you find this useful in your journey.

In health,

Gabriel Method

p.s. As soon as you order the program, be sure to download the bonus “Embracing Change” visualization bonus to your phone or computer. Try to listen to that right away tonight, visualization is such a simple and powerful way to transform your body and mind.


What Immersion Conference Attendees Are Saying

“This is the real deal”

I took Jon's online program 2 years ago. I lost 75 pounds. If you listen to Jon's personal story & it sounds like you, as it did for me, then commit to this lifestyle. This is the real deal!

– Joy M.

“I lose weight just listening to you talk”

I love your technique and I think I lose weight just listening to you talk. My body recognizes your voice from the meditations I listen to. Oh I forgot to mention the 30 lbs I have lost with your method. Now size 6!

– Nicki L.

“Listening to you explain it, I’m starting to get it”

Thanks Jon, I've read your book twice, but listening to you explain it, I feel I'm starting to get it!

– Marguerite P.

“You’re so inspirational”

Thanks Jon, you really know how to explain all these things and you’re so inspirational!

– Pame L.

“Now I finally understand leptin resistance”

I have been following this method for a year, and now with this explanation I finally understand the leptin resistance idea. Thank you.

– Claire S.

“I can see which direction to take now”

Thank you! This explains a lot about my physical problems and just how destructive the fast food is that I have been living on. I have a lot of repair work to do for myself but I can see which direction to take now.

– Dawn P.

“THANK YOU for giving me my life back :-)”

I just wanted to say thank you. 3-4 years ago I attended the Melbourne seminar and then the Kiama retreat. Back then I used to weight 126 kilos, I was depressed and blamed myself. Your method helped me understand its not my fault and believe in myself, see what I could potentially become through your visualisations and that everything is okay and is already perfect. I realise now that if I hadn't had the struggles I did back then with a slipped disc and being told that I needed spinal surgery to be able to move without pain, I wouldn't have had the motivation to lose 48 kilos. I absolutely love the positive energy you give and I wanted to say thank you, so THANK YOU for giving me my life back 🙂

– Berna A.

“It is good to be reminded of the basic principles”

Thanks Jon, it is good to be reminded of the basic principles from time to time. It helps steer us all in the right direction for health.

– Jenny P.

“Valuable information”

Thank you very much Jon, really valuable information.

– Beatriz Q.

“VERY encouraging to see ‘real people”

Thank you Jon for reaching out and being approachable – you are the thread between hope and hopelessness for me, and I am sure others. It is VERY encouraging to see ‘real people' at the table.

– Maria D.

“It is so very refreshing to hear the truth”

THIS IS REALLY SUPERB WORK. I have been a psychotherapist for over 55 years. I am an acupuncturist, nutritionist and lots else. I teach meditation and have long done this. I have always know that something wanted me to be fat and that it was not my brain or emotions. When you spoke about the body wanting us to be fat, I knew I was in the right place. I have high hope for change using this method. I am certainly enjoying it. It is so very refreshing to hear the truth.

– Lisa J.

“Thank you for helping so many people to become more healthy in mind and body”

I like this concept of triggers. I want to explore this more. There must be some reason m body wants to stay fat. I am not sure what I am afraid of, but I know there is a ‘safeness' feeling when I am this weight. Thank you for these videos. And thank you for helping so many people to become more healthy in mind and body.

– Jill W.

“Thank you for the wonderful support”

Thank you Jon for all the wonderful support you give. Your webinars and meditation offerings have been a boon to me and so many other people. Thank you for caring!

– Lucille W.

“Thank you for the information on nutrition”

Hi Jon, thank you for the information on nutrition. I look forward to working with your team to lose the weight that simply keeps on hanging on, and understanding why I have not been able to lose it. Thanks for all the work that you've accomplished to help so many people!

– Joanne W.

“The science-based reality of your message comes through”

Excellent program, Jon! Like every other component of your work, the science-based reality of your message comes through! Thank you very much!

– Suzanne M.

“Great forum for the discussion”

Wow, just wow, Jon. Thanks as always – great forum for the discussion. I like the group setting, it adds a ‘homey' feel and conversational tone to the message, and organically brings in personal stories to spice up the discussion.

– Katherine P.

“So real and down to earth”

Loved this video presentation. It was so real and down to earth, I felt like I was at the table also. Great information. Thank you SO much..

– Maria D.

“So much valuable information”

Loving these videos Jon, so much valuable information, thank you.

– Annette A.

“Great info”

Thank you Jon. Great info and a more relaxed way to exercise without overdoing it.

– Yvonne K.

“The first person who's ever made sense as far as the body and weight loss goes”

Jon, you are the first person who's ever made sense as far as the body and weight loss goes. Another thing that happens when you do the Gabriel Method is when you go out, with friends, and eat take away food, for example, your body doesn't put that weight on, it seems to burn it off more efficiently than before.

– Amy R.

“It all seems so doable”

Thank you, Jon. I love how easy it looks. It all seems so doable. You've given me the confidence to follow through.

– Leslie H.

“I really appreciate the way you deliver your message”

Jon, I really appreciate the way you deliver your message. Your videos and book are very thorough and highly researched, and the gentleness with which you address your readers and listeners is authentic. Thanks for the message you share… I respect the work you are doing. Keep it up!

– Carrie C.

“I released 15 pounds in 3 weeks”

Thanks for sharing these videos with us. I love how sincere and thorough you are with each person during the interviews. I appreciate the reminders of how important the visualizations are – plan to start listening to them again today. I did them plus the other suggestions you make and released 15 pounds in 3 weeks.

– Cathy A.

“Now I have a whole set of tools”

Thank you, Jon. These videos have empowered me. Now I have a whole set of tools.

– Leslie H.

“I will be listening to them again and again”

The videos were so well done, I know I will be listening to them again and again. I can see how each video will find its place. I guess the most important is the visualization Jon has created for this program… it is incredible. That alone is worth everything to me.

– Sharon D.

“Feeling very inspired today”

Really enjoyed watching the immersion videos this morning. Listening to Jon just talking to a group of people sitting around a kitchen table somehow made me listen differently. Feeling very inspired today after really struggling for a couple of weeks.

– Suzanne H.

“The value is priceless”

Thank you for sharing these videos Jon. The value of seeing real people with many of the same issues as me is priceless. I’ve learned a lot and will absorb all of this now and see what I can apply.

– Maria D.

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