How The Gabriel Method Works
How & Why it Works for Sustained, Natural Weight Loss

The Diet Paradox – Conventional wisdom says in order to lose weight you must consciously restrict your eating, and use exercise to increase the calorie deficit. While this works in the short term, it's unsustainable for 98% of dieters which means they gain back all their lost weight—and often more

The Gabriel Method Solution
The Gabriel Method is a holist approach that uncovers the emotional, lifestyle and environmental triggers in people's lives that are switching “on” their biological FAT Programs. Once the real, root causes have been determined, the process of healing is very manageable.

It's nearly impossible to remove all carbs from your diet or always go to gym five days per week, but it's very realistic to take on the task of fixing a bad relationship, overcoming a past trauma, or let go of emotional baggage in your life; and often, these are the real causes of your weight problem.

How The Gabriel Method Works

  • STEP 1 – Identify the physical, emotional, and lifestyle triggers that are confusing your biology into thinking that in needs more food and more body fat to be safe.
  • STEP 2 – Add into your life everything you currently lack—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and you'll start to crave healthier foods, less foods, and physical exercise becomes fun without any need for meal plans or strict regimens .
  • STEP 3 -Leverage 5 decades of neurological research by using simple visualization practices to overcome stress, beat cravings, and manifest your ideal body and life.

Why it Works
Overeating is a symptom, not a cause. Most diet and exercise programs focus entirely on trying to reverse or cover up the symptom, the overeating itself. But ask yourself this: Does spending 2 hours at the gym to burn off the food you overate earlier make any sense at all long term? Does counting calories, measuring food and trying to restrict your body seem like a reasonable thing to do—forever?

The Gabriel Method takes a much more practical approach, teaching you to work with your body so you didn't overeat in the first place. When you treat the mental, emotional and physical triggers causing the cravings, then the dietary and exercise changes happen naturally.

The “Naturally Skinny” Phenomenon
Despite the plethora of diet and exercise programs on the market, most people in our modern world eat very poorly and exercise very little (if at all)—and yet not everyone is fat. The reality is that those people who are most-obsessed with diet and exercise are generally the people who struggle most with their weight; while the non-healthy-eating, non-exercising thin people can't be bothered.

So why does that “naturally skinny” person stay lean? It's really quite simple. The naturally thin person might make poor food choices and neglect gym-style exercise programs, but she stops eating. She doesn't binge, rarely has cravings, and her body responds appropriately when enough is enough. From a biological point of view, her FAT Programs are turned off and her body has no use and no need to gain and store excess fat anymore than a bear does as he emerges from his den at the start of spring.

The “Naturally Fat” Phenomenon
When someone's FAT Programs get turned on by emotional, lifestyle or environmental stresses, the body gains and stores fat in an attempt to stay safe. This elevated stress-to-weight-gain phenomenon is something any overworked mom will attest to without ever reading the countless clinical and case studies that prove this to be true.

Since the challenges of modern life tend to compound rather than release, many people have their FAT Programs turned on as teenagers and they never get turned off. They're walking around like a bear caught in an endless autumn, craving foods—the most fattening foods—all the time. In the short term, forced diet and exercise can act like a bandage, but the real problem has not been addressed.

Feed Your Mind, Body & Spirit
The Gabriel Method focuses on adding in what your body is lacking in mind, body and spirit. On a day-to-day basis, this means adding in high vitality foods, practicing visualizations, self love and care. The doing part of The Gabriel Method is much simpler than any other program you encounter. Students are asked to listen to an evening visualization program, add in 3 essential foods to their diet, and to take on the role and responsibility of self healer, investigating their fat triggers, getting honest about what needs to change, and then making it happen with the support of their new community.

Stop Restrictive Dieting, Live on Purpose & Transform Your Body & Life…