Clearing Browsing Data

Clearing Browsing Data

Firefox Users
1. Click “Tools”
2. Select “Clear Recent History”
3. Uncheck any categories you don’t want erased
4. Select time-range from drop down menu.

Chrome Users
1. Click “wrench” icon on upper right corner of browser
2. Scroll to “Preferences”
3. Click “Under the Hood”
4. Click “Clear browsing data”
5. Select categories and time frame to be erased.

Safari Users
1. History – Clear History

Internet Explorer 9 Users
1. Click “gear” icon
2. Scroll to “Safety”
3. Select “Delete Browsing History”
4. Select elements you want to erase
5. Click “Delete”

Internet Explorer 8 Users
1. Click “Tools”
2. Select “Delete Browsing History”

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