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The Gabriel Method has been translated into 16 languages and is available in 60 countries. What started out 10 years ago as a revolutionary concept has now become an international movement for ultimate health and sustainable weight loss.

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In the Gabriel Method book you’ll learn how to…

  • Get your mind and body to work together so that you can lose weight easy and naturally and most importantly keep the weight off forever![
  • Turn off your FAT Programs.
  • Address the real issues that are causing your body to hold onto weight
  • Regain the ability to burn fat and
  • Leverage your body's biology to make weight loss automatic.
  • Eliminate the emotional and mental sources for your weight gain.
  • Use the power of visualization for changing your internal chemistry.

You'll also learn…

  • What foods to add to your daily life to aid in healing to help your body naturally shed weight
  • Why diets don’t work and how they can actually force your body to gain weight

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These are actual, untouched pictures of my weight loss transformation starting in 2002, and ending in 2004..


I lost over 220 pounds over 2 ½ years in 2004 and I’ve been the same weight ever since I lost the weight without restrictive dieting or extreme exercise and I’ve now dedicated my life to teaching the theory art and practice of permanent sustainable weight loss.

When I lost the weight I knew I had a message for the world: weight loss is not simply about calories in and calories out. There are real issues that act like triggers that can cause you to gain weight and even cause you to lose the ability to burn fat.

Everyone is so focused on dieting and no one even asks the question: “Do I even have the ability to burn fat?”, and What most people don’t know is that when your fat triggers are activated you actually lose the ability to burn fat.

So I wrote a book about these philosophies and discoveries about my weight loss success and it’s called The Gabriel Method. My book is now an international best seller that’s been translated into 16 languages and is in 60 countries around the world. Millions of people around the world have used the Gabriel method to help them lose weight and keep it off sustainably.

The Gabriel Method works by addressing the real issues that are causing your body to hold onto weight. Not by restriction and deprivation or extreme dieting.

When you address the underlying core issues, then your body becomes your ally & teammate in your weight loss effort. It’s as if your body now wants to be thin and when your body wants to be thin, weight loss is easy natural and automatic.

So with that in mind, if you’re ready to get off the dieting roller coaster once and for all, transform your body from the inside out into a body that wants to be thin, fit and vibrantly healthy, then simply fill in your name and email address in the box we’ll email you a digital copy of The Gabriel Method free of cost.

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When you get my book, I’ll also send you a link to my most popular evening visualization.

This visualization, valued at 30 dollars has been listened to by millions of people around the world because it helps you reduce stress, get a great night’s sleep and get your mind and body to work together to make the process so much easier.

So I hope you love the book and visualization and I look forward to helping you solve your weight loss issues once and for all.

To get your copy of my book for FREE, simply enter your name and email below.
We’ll send you the Book PLUS my evening visualization as a special gift.

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Ginger Solberg Lost 140 lbs (63.5 kgs)

David Stead Lost 176 lbs (80 kgs)

Sharon Henry Lost 45 lbs (20 kgs)

Scott Blinn Lost 150 lbs (68 kgs)

Anne Hines Lost 44 lbs (20 kgs)

Joe Abrams Lost 150 lbs (68 kgs)

“If Every Person Was Given this Book No One Would Be Obese”

If every person was given this book, no one would be obese. It would be an epidemic of the past. It almost seems sad people are dying because of obesity when it’s so simple to be thin!

Alannah Cadman, New Zealand

“Since Listening to Your CD Every Night, I Don’t Feel Hungry at All”

I have been struggling with my weight for the past ten years… I could not understand because I don’t eat desserts, cakes, chocolate or sweets and I cook most of my food. After reading your book I realized that I was actually nutrient deficient. Since I have been listening to your CD every night, I don’t feel hungry at all.

Beverly Lewis, South Africa

“I Was So Impressed by My Results With Jon’s Method”

I was working at radio station 4BC when Jon came on to our breakfast show at my request as a producer for several shows. I was so impressed by my own results with Jon’s Method, I wanted to get him on air.

Michelle Turnbull, Australia

“My Whole Relationship with Food Has Changed”

WOW! I read [the book] over two nights, couldn’t put it down. It was like the penny had dropped, after three days of listening to your meditation CD, my whole relationship with food changed. I can’t explain my extra energy, my ability to handle my very stressful job is so much easier, I’m happier and more confident.

Brenda Black, New Zealand

“I am Astounded at the Changes that I Have Made in My Life”

I cannot remember the last time I felt so alive, fulfilled, and happy. When I read your book it was as if you knew me better than I knew myself. It is amazing that more be people have not made the connection that a healthy lifestyle consists of taking care of the mind, body, and soul, instead of just the body.

Kenn Paquette

“I Don’t Crave Sugar at all Anymore”

Since I’ve read your book and listened to you CD, I’ve been craving dark green leafy veggies, and I’ve also slowed way down on sugar. As a matter of fact I don’t crave sugar! My daughter is doing great too. We both have committed to following your lifestyle. I tell everyone I see about your book and CD. Thank you so much.


“The Gabriel Method is Groundbreaking & Self-Empowering”

You have brought together a multitude of aspects and created a truly holistic ‘treatment’ that is more like a new lifestyle, complete with raised awareness where it all makes such intuitive and rational sense.

Julie U, Australia

“I Have Made Positive Changes in All Aspects of My Life”

I am feeling so much more energetic already as I gradually introduce more live foods and nutrients into my body. Your desire to share your wealth of knowledge and amazing success with weight loss is what is so inspiring to me and I’m sure will be to millions of others around the world.

Laura Nally, Australia

“I’m No Longer Hungry, Just Content!”

… for the first time in over 20 years, I am not hungry. I feel content – just very different. For some reason, I don’t seem to require a lot of food. My portion sizes have gotten smaller. I don’t measure them out, but I look at what’s on my plate and it really is a small amount. I just don’t feel that I need it. I don’t crave sweets either and I’m a chocoholic – at least I was one. Now I can take it or leave it.

Liz Bay

To get your copy of my book for FREE, simply enter your name and email below.
We’ll send you the Book PLUS my evening visualization as a special gift.

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