"Fat Letters" Sent to Parents of Overweight Kids. Rampant Humiliation Ensues…

The kids call them "fat letters." They are notes sent home to parents from schools letting them know their youngsters are obese.


Dear Parents: Your Kid Is Fat. Signed, Your Kid's School.

From Los Angeles to Massachusetts and elsewhere, schools are sending out “healthy or unhealthy” letters, CBS2 reports, intended to inform parents of the results of weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) testing.

Parents have been outraged, fearing the letters about kids being overweight—or underweight—could harm the children's self-esteem, or cause tension between friends.

Also for many children, the BMI doesn’t accurately reflect what they see. “No one wants to get a letter saying they’re obese. That’s a very strong, uncomfortable word, and we didn’t see if fitting with our son who is very active, he’s very strong,” said one parent of a sports-playing kid who was sent home with a "fat letter."

However, childhood obesity in America has certainly reached epidemic levels.  In Los Angeles, one registered dietitian who checks out the weight of school kids locally told CBS2 "out of the 900 2 to 5-year-old children she looks at, roughly 200 are listed as obese."

With today’s sedentary and screen-based lifestyles, junk foods laden with sugar and fat, and modern-day stressors, today’s kids are struggling.

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