“Fat Gym Class” Launched for Overweight Kids… Should this be Allowed?

At one high school, there’s Gym Class. And then there’s Fat Gym Class.

Chicago school trying to create “remedial” gym class


Just as plenty of schools have advanced math, reading, or other academic classes, one suburban high school near Chicago is trying out tracking for sports, separating out the kids who are struggling into “lower gym”.

The Chicago Tribune reports, “Officials at the Mount Prospect school say the approach — which physical education experts call unusual but not unheard of — gives teens concrete and more individualized fitness goals. Detractors, while acknowledging the need to combat a national childhood obesity epidemic, say segregating out-of-shape students can be ostracizing in an environment where they may already be vulnerable to teasing.”

Fitness programs that force less-athletic teens to perform high levels of aerobic activity “will have a more punitive impact on the student than getting them into activities they will enjoy,” said former gym teacher Mary Jo Sariscsany, a professor and author on fitness-based physical education curricula.

Regarding teasing, the Tribune story notes that Prospect High students are already calling the lower class “fat gym.”

As a parent, what would you do? Would you prefer for your overweight child to take part in regular gym class, facing mockery, always being picked last, unable to compete? Or have your child be in a separate gym class just for those less physically able? Do you think the whole gym class environment is hurting your child, not helping?

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