Gabriel Method "F.A.T. Trigger" Quiz

FAT stands for "Famine And Temperature". In our distant past, it was advantageous for these programs to be on. During famines and ice ages, having excess fat on your body helped keep you alive, so a fat storage survival mechanism came into play. Even though today most of us no longer have things like famines to worry about, these FAT Programs are still very much a part of our genetic inheritance. When the FAT Programs are on, certain subtle hormonal and chemical changes take place in your body that will virtually ensure that you get fat and stay fat. Diet and exercise are a like a bandage that covers the problem short term, but long term, to lose weight and keep it off, you must treat the underlying causes of your weight problem.

YOUR TRIGGER: Emotional Obesity


Your Lifestyle Stress

Always False
Usually False
Often True
Always True


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