Healthy Eating on a Budget A Live, Online Class for Gabriel Method Readers

Join best-selling author and weight loss expert Jon Gabriel, along with special guest teacher and Gabriel Method Coach Nadia Harper, for an ultra-practical class on how to eat healthfully on a budget. This class is designed for any cost-conscious reader who wants to eat the best possible foods, but doesn't want to waste their money on overpriced items.

Healthy Eating on a Budget Master Class:

  • April 29 8:00pm EDT (NYC, USA)
  • April 30 10:00am AEST (Brisbane, AUS)



  • What micronutrients are & why they are important for weight loss
  • Why modern day diets are full of “naked calories”
  • How to switch from a poor to rich diet
  • Strategies to reduce micronutrient depletion
  • What supplements really work

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Dear Reader,

Healthy living can be expensive!

From organic foods to grass-fed meats, all-natural eating can quickly turn into a really expensive lifestyle if you're not careful. Nothing is more worthy of an investment than your health, but at the same time, we all need to make responsible decisions so we're not needlessly overspending.

And this is why I'm writing to you today…

“How to eat well on a budget” is such a common area of interest with my readers that Coach Nadia and I have put together a very special online webinar addressing this one very specific issue.

During this ultra-practical class, Coach Nadia and I will share our best advice on how to eat the most amazing food ever, and not lose your shirt on the process.

If you're a Support Group Member, this class archive is 100% free for you. If you're not a member, it's $19.95—or you can of course sign up for a free 30-day trial and get the class for free.

Thanks for your interest in this class and in transforming your health. We look forward to seeing you in class…

In health,

Gabriel Method

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