Do You Have Kids?

Join Jon & Dr. Patricia Riba for a Private Seminar

Do you have kids?

FREE Online Brainstorming Session for Jon's New Book

  • Do you have kids?
  • Is it difficult to teach them healthy habits?
  • Is time and stress and issue in your house?

If you'll share your experiences and ideas with us, I'd be thrilled to give you prerelease access to a weight loss for kids evening visualization and bedtime story series I'm creating (we're really excited about this).

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What This is All About…

I'm writing a new book for kids, or more specifically for parents with kids. The goal is to teach parents how to raise children with healthy habits for life. I'm writing this in conjunction with an amazing medical doctor named, Patricia Riba in California, and she and I are meeting 1-2x per week on the phone to brainstorm ideas…

… here's where you come in.

Would you like to join in our conversation from time-to-time? She and I both have kids ourselves, but we always love to hear from other people with kids too so we can discover what's working and what's not, and what the main challenges are in your home.

We're developing a whole series of new products specifically to help parents work with their children, and I'd love to include you in the process if you're interested.

Want to Help Us Brainstorm Ideas & Solutions for Kids & Weight Loss?

Times and dates vary weekly, but if you're interested in brainstorming with us, we'd absolutely love to hear from you and include you in the project. If you're interested, just enter your name and email below and we'll give you more info.

INTERESTED in Joining our Brainstorming Sessions?

If so, please sign up below…

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