After losing 176 pounds, Dave Stead has finally reconnected with his true self.

As a child, Dave was overweight for his age and height, as were his siblings.

His biggest struggles were with self consciousness and poor self esteem.

“At the forefront of my mind was always what other people thought about me and their judgement,” Dave says.

At his heaviest, Dave felt that he was always wearing a mask that hid who he really was inside.

“I would always try to take the limelight off myself being overweight,” he explains. “I would always be the loudest person in the room, or the funniest, or try to make friends with everyone to take the focus off being so heavy.”

Dave found wearing that mask to be one of the hardest things about struggling with his weight.

A close second was the idea that he needed to starve and restrict himself from eating his favorite foods in order to lose weight.

After Dave’s mother recommended that he look into The Gabriel Method and Dave purchased Jon Gabriel’s book — after reading only the first chapter, Dave was hooked.

“Things started to change in my mind — physically, mentally, every aspect of my life changed when I started reading The Gabriel Method,” Dave says.

One of the most important (and simplest) changes that Dave made in his life was adopting Jon’s visualization and meditation techniques.

Listening to Jon’s guided visualizations before bed helped Dave reinforce his new, positive mindset and strengthen his determination to meet his healthy lifestyle goals.

Once Dave began to change his way of thinking about food and learned how to give his body permission to be thin, he saw an incredible transformation.

“The Gabriel Method really changed my whole outlook on nutrition, diet, and exercise, the whole package when it comes to health and wellness,” Dave explains.

Dave’s advice to those just starting their wellness journey is that environment trumps willpower — addressing emotional stress is far more important than counting calories when it comes to weight loss!