Sustainable Weight Loss Super Success Story

Sharon Henry lost 100 pounds and is on an amazing positive spiral of health and vitality!

About This Video: Sharon, who lost over 100 pounds – not by dieting – but by eliminating her FAT triggers.

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dave_before Dave Before
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How Dave Lost 176lbs (80kgs) Using The Gabriel Method

Since discovering The Gabriel Method, Dave Stead lost 176lbs (80 kgs). Dave had been heavy all his life following a childhood injury. He had dieted before and never been able to keep the weight off.

In this interview with Jon, Dave describes how The Gabriel Method radically transformed his ideas about his body and weight and enabled him to make this lasting change. He realized that he had been living with a mask on, as a way to hide his insecurity about his weight.

But once he discovered that he could use the power of his mind with Jon’s visualization techniques, he was able to give his body permission to be thin, and let the weight naturally drop from his body.

You’re not alone if you’re in a similar situation to Dave. And you no longer have to continue on this journey alone. The Gabriel Method has created a membership program to help those struggling with chronic dieting and weight gain to find holistic, permanent solutions which will support you in transforming from the inside out.