How Gut Inflammation
Can Contribute to Weight Gain

And the #1 Anti-Inflammatory Food to Help Stop It!

How Inflammation Makes You Fat

Inflammation is caused by processed foods, grains (especially wheat), and stress. If you imagine your skin after you get bit by a mosquito, that same type of irritation is happening inside your body—and for weight loss, it's a huge problem. Chronic inflammation leads to both insulin and leptin resistance, the two most important fat storage hormones.

When you're resistant to these hormones, it means your body makes more and more for the same results. In the same way that someone with a high tolerance to alcohol might drink 4 or even 5 drinks to feel tipsy, someone with fat hormone resistance might have 2-5x's as many fat hormones in circulation at any time. This means that your body become very efficient at storing fat—and terrible at burning it.

How Do Omega-3's Help with Weight Loss?

Essential fats are not weight loss pills. They are natural, whole food supplements with medicinal-strength omega-3 fats that have powerful anti-inflammatory benefits from day one. When you turn off the internal inflammation, you can reduce your resistance to the fat hormones, and essentially help your body get back into fat burning mode (rather than fat storing mode).

Cravings, Nutritional Starvation & Your Weight…

Many people don't realize that nutritional starvation, meaning the deficiency of one or more essential nutrients, is extremely common in overweight people. The “overfed but undernourished” phenomenon is more common than not and this comes from eating foods that are calorie dense, but nutrient poor.

Nutritional starvation can be the cause food cravings. When your body is desperate for an essential nutrients, such as Omega-3's, and it can only find very small amounts in the foods you're eating, you'll crave more and more of those foods as your body attempts to correct the imbalance way past your feeling of “full” or your energetic needs—your body is searching for nutrients.

Why Essential Fats (EFA's) Are “Essential” for Weight Loss

These fats are essential in your diet because your body cannot produce them. This means if you do not eat them—you don't get them! And a deficiency in essential fats, particularly omega-3 fats, can have devastating health consequences including inflammation, mood disorders, hormonal imbalances, and even weight gain due to nutritional starvation and hormonal imbalance.

Essential fatty acids (EFA's) are a crucial part of The Gabriel Method approach to weight loss, and I recommend them daily for everyone serious about losing weight. EFA's reduce inflammation in the body, balance hormones, and nourish your brain.

Jon's Daily Omega-3

Essential fatty acids (EFA's) are a crucial part of The Gabriel Method approach to weight loss. Omega-3 fats fight inflammation, almost immediately, in a way that is natural, safe, and holistic. Jon's Daily Omega-3's are made with sustainable mackerel and sardines from S. America. The oil is carefully processed using C02 extraction (safe and natural), and it's in tricylceride form, the most bioavailable form that is easy for the body to use.

BONUS Vit D3 Included: Jon's Daily Omega-3's now include 1000 IU's of Vitamin D3, essential for bone health, and also excellent for reducing fat hormone resistance.

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