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“My New Recipe Book is
Finally Here!”

I’m so happy to share with you my latest project, The Gabriel Method Recipe Book! This special pre-release edition allows you to start enjoying your favorite Gabriel Method recipes a full 6 months before it hits bookstores.




Here’s What You’ll Find:

  • Fast and simple breakfasts
  • Protein-rich snacks
  • Omega-3 everything
  • Wheat-free pancakes and brownies
  • Savory dinners
  • Hearty soups & snacks

About the Recipe Book

Delicious, high-vitality, non-diet recipes…
  • Full color, hard cover
  • 287 pages of super delicious, super nutritious recipes
  • Photos of every single recipe
  • Simple-to-make everything (no chef skills required)

How it Works

  • I have just 500 211 pre-release copies available!
  • I’m going to personally sign each book!
  • We’re shipping only within Australia for this special offer
    (at this time, it’s cost prohibitive to ship outside of Australia, but we will have international shipping in 2012….)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: these recipes will give you high energy during the day and help you burn fat while you sleep, but this is not a diet Recipe Book. You’ll be amazed at how rich and flavorful eating The Gabriel Method way can be.

I’m going to personally sign and ship you a pre-release copy of my new Recipe Book!

Gabriel Method Recipe Book
Pre-Release Special Offer

  • YES! Hardcover, Full Color, 287 Pages of Recipes
  • YES! Delivered Anywhere in Australia
  • YES! Signed by Jon!
  • YES! Limited 1st Edition, Pre-Release Copy

The Gabriel Method Recipe Book
Normal Price: $65
Save 23%
You Pay Just $49 + S&H


Shipping Anywhere in Australia
(int’l shipping available in 2012)

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