Desiree Manders
Certified Gabriel Method Coach

My dear friend Marjolijn Loderichs called me up one day and said “you have to get this book, this is it!” I read the Gabriel Method Book instantly and felt elated because it is everything I believe in –as a person- and certainly from my point of view as an NLP coach.

I’m an NLP- Master and Coach / Counselor, I am certified in Conscious CoachingTM and am trained by Jon Gabriel as a Gabriel method coach.

I am a very strong believer in visualizations; they help us create new, positive beliefs. Beliefs that are supportive and loving instead of the negative, demeaning, hurtful believes most of us deal with on a day-to-day basis.

I love the fact that the Gabriel Method is not a diet. I love the fact that everything about the method is about being loving, positive and uplifting towards yourself. I love that the method is based on nourishing yourself; body, mind and soul, without discarding any element of your being. After (and during) following the Gabriel Method everything about you comes full circle enabling you to be who you really are; ideal perfect shape and all!

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