Meet our Gabriel Method Coaches

Looking for professional support with your journey to sustained weight loss with The Gabriel Method? We’re here to help! Jon has handpicked a team of top health professionals, put them through our GM Coach Accreditation Program, so they are most qualified to help you transform your life, wherever you are in the world.

At The Gabriel Method we offer two specialized Coaching Programs to help you turn off your FAT Program and achieve sustainable weight loss, forever.
To help you decide which program is best for you, more details are provided here.

If you need help finding the right Coaching Program or GM Coach for you, start a live chat with our customer support team below.

Heather Fleming

Mentor Coach: TTCE
Nutrition Specialist: UCE

Heather’s positive energy for life is infectious and motivating. Add to this a passion for food, helping others and a solid education in Nutrition, Heather becomes a vital asset for our Gabriel Method community.

Nadia Harper

Mentor Coach: TTCE
Nutrition Specialist: UCE

Nadia’s remarkable life experience through travel, education both formal and from traditional elders, has allowed her to provide a unique and diverse perspective to our Gabriel Method community. Nadia is also co-creator of GM Detox Program.

Brian Killian

Mentor Coach : UCE, TTCE
Fitness Specialist: UCE

An original Gabriel Method Coach, Brian combines his knowledge of science, natural medicine, body work and fitness training, to help clients act on their full potential. A skilled communicator, Brian believes transformation can be simple, fun and immediate. Brian is also co-creator of the GM Fitness program.

Jon Leano

Mentor Coach: UCE, TTCE

Jon ‘s life or death decision to transform his life led him to learn and use The Gabriel Method several years ago. With a vast amount of professional education, and significant and specific life experience to draw on, Jon’s coaching of GM allows him to share an approach to healing he personally always wanted but never knew existed.

Desiree Manders

Mentor Coach: UCE, TTCE
Tapping Specialist: UCE

Desiree’s positive influence on the Gabriel Method community has been powerful as she brings her skill, education and genuine care for others to all she does. Highly skilled and emotionally intuitive, Desiree is a source of healing and transformation for our GM community.

Tiffany Nightingale

Mentor Coach: UCE, TTCE

Tiffany’s own success with The Gabriel Method consolidates weight loss is not about restrictive dieting but to allow yourself to be free and create your own best story. Through using The Gabriel Method Tiffany has not only lost weight, but has transformed herself to be a source of inspiration and guidance to others.

Janine Oliver

Mentor Coach: UCE, TTCE
Nutrition Specialist: UCE

Janine’s own story of personal transformation allows her to connect deeply with clients and create their own unique ‘imperfect perfect’ approach to wellness. Janine’s intelligence, empathy for others and her passion for GM makes her an outstanding resource for success.

Smita Patel

Mentor Coach: UCE, TTCE

Smita, herself a GM success story, understands the influence of past trauma, emotional stress and the healing benefits The Gabriel Method allows. Professionally educated in many modalities of healing, Smita has a natural ability to inspire and empower her clients to their full potential.