Cellular Release 1st Session Instructions

Hello and welcome to Cellular Release! We are a group of specialists working with The Gabriel Method to bring release and clearing to the emotional aspects that may be hindering your efforts with weight loss.

Cellular Release is a very specific process that is done while in “smart mode”. In a relaxed state, the Specialist will be communicating directly with the subconscious mind to ask permission to release limiting beliefs, fears, and specific experiences.

The cells remember at a very deep level, and in some cases, even if we have done healing work to release or heal through these experiences, the cell memory may still have some “roots” from the occurrence. If you have not listened to any of Jon’s visualizations, please do so at least 3-5 times prior to your first session to have a bit if practice at a guided relaxation process.

In order to prepare for your first session, we ask that you create a list of 5-10 experiences, beliefs or fears that you feel may be currently affecting your goals for weight loss. This list may consist of some of the following items:

  1. Experiences that are of a traumatic or troublesome nature that you feel are still being emotionally triggered in some way.
    Examples of this are as follows:

    1. Losing weight, but always gaining it back again
    2. Being scolded or reprimanded for eating too much or for eating foods that are not healthy.
    3. Emotional or physical experiences of hurt or abuse
    4. Physical injuries
    5. Relationship difficulties
    6. Loss of a relationship or loved one.
  2. Negative self talk, such as limiting beliefs or fears that you recognize are deeply engrained.
    Examples of this are as follows:

    1. My genetics are such that I will always be overweight
    2. Nothing works
    3. Fear or belief that nothing will ever work
    4. I am disgusting
    5. I am a failure
    6. Fear of having of restrict foods
    7. Fear of being sore/getting injured from exercise

Please limit your list to no more than 10 items for the first session. If there are follow up sessions, there will be an opportunity to release additional items as well as move into much deeper levels of clearing around experiences that may be suspected memory loss or blocked from memory, as well as the work of clearing very deep core issues such as self-sabotage or deeper feelings of insecurity.

In working with the subconscious mind there are many levels that are truly beyond the comprehension of the conscious mind so this work can be very valuable in healing at levels you may not be able to consciously connect with through the efforts you have made so far.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the specialist in which you have been assigned for your session either via email prior to the session, or of course, you will have an opportunity to discuss them during the live session.

In Health and Happiness!
The Cellular Release Team

***Important*** Please make sure you have a Skype account for these sessions. Skype is free and easy to use, and it will make your session much more impactful. GET SKYPE HERE


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