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The Natural Way to Improve Your Health with James Colquhoun

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James Colquhoun first got into filmmaking due to a family medical crisis.

His father was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. He started visiting many different specialists and was prescribed numerous medications, which caused his health to

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“Lost 88 lbs, and it’s still off!”

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Before becoming a Gabriel Method coach and helping our members work through their emotional obesity and achieve incredible results, Tiffany Nightingale went on her own weight loss journey.

Tiffany started dieting at just 9 years old.


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Coconut Yogurt Crunch + Meditation = Weight Loss?

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How often do you meditate?
If you’re currently trying to lose weight or transition to a healthier lifestyle, meditation can be a powerful tool. There is hard evidence linking meditation and weight loss.
Getting yourself into a

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Should I Drink Water With Meals? Watch This Video.

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Should you drink water before, during, or after your meals?
Before we answer that question, let’s talk a bit about hydration.
The fact is, most people are dehydrated all of the time.
And often, thirst manifests as hunger.

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Tom Cronin and Jon Gabriel on Meditation, Weight Loss Journey and more!

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Tom Cronin, founder of The Stillness Project, has an ambitious goal: inspiring one billion people to meditate daily.
Tom’s journey into the world of meditation was unusual. The former day trader spent his days yelling on

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