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How a Yo-Yo Dieter Lost 140 lbs

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Ginger Solberg gained 60 lbs with her first child… and spent the last 39 years yo-yo dieting in an attempt to lose it.

Through the terrible cycle of yo-yo dieting, Ginger eventually reached her highest weight

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How to Become Genetically Thin

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“I'm genetically programmed to be about a 200 pound diabetic... When I went through medical training 25 years ago, that's what we were taught, that your genetics are your fate. It turns out that when you look at the risk of disease 10% of your risk is genetic, 90% is the environment...

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10 Triggers That May Be Causing You To Hold Onto Weight

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At what point in your day do you say, “I can’t take it… I just need to have some chocolate”? (Or fill in with your favorite naughty treat.)

Perhaps it’s after a long day at

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