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7 Ways To Heal Depression & Lose Weight Naturally

By |Emotions & Hormones|

In this video excerpt, Jon Gabriel talks about how your body can lose the ability to burn fat and how to use The Gabriel Method approach to reverse it by regaining the ability to burn fat and increase your metabolism naturally and sustainably.

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Don’t Wait On the Weight! A Message On the Importance of Living Now

By |Emotions & Hormones|

“Tell me what your life will look like when you’ve lost 40lbs. That’s what you want, so go do it now!” – Sarah Jenks, founder of Live More, Weigh Less. I recently interviewed Sarah Jenks, founder and weight loss coach of Live More, Weigh Less,...

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Your Hormones & Emotions Are Affecting Your Weight… Here’s Why

By |Emotions & Hormones|

What You'll Learn:

  • The powerful connection between hormones and emotions
  • Cellular memory & trauma
  • Physiological response to emotional distress
  • How to release cellular trauma, with Cellular Release therapy & Cellular Wisdom meditations

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Increase Dopamine, Get Happy (And Lose Weight Too!)

By |Emotions & Hormones|

Been a bit down in the dumps lately? You could be suffering from low levels of dopamine.

Maintaining adequate levels of dopamine is crucial to your health and well-being.

Dopamine is a chemical naturally produced in the

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