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Coconut Yogurt Crunch + Meditation = Weight Loss?

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How often do you meditate?
If you’re currently trying to lose weight or transition to a healthier lifestyle, meditation can be a powerful tool. There is hard evidence linking meditation and weight loss.
Getting yourself into a

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Should I Drink Water With Meals? Watch This Video.

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Should you drink water before, during, or after your meals?
Before we answer that question, let’s talk a bit about hydration.
The fact is, most people are dehydrated all of the time.
And often, thirst manifests as hunger.

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Tom Cronin and Jon Gabriel on Meditation, Weight Loss Journey and more!

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Tom Cronin, founder of The Stillness Project, has an ambitious goal: inspiring one billion people to meditate daily.
Tom’s journey into the world of meditation was unusual. The former day trader spent his days yelling on

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Gabriel Method Success Story: Anne Hines Loses 44 lbs (20kgs)

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Like many of us, Anne Hines started dieting when she was still very young.
She was put on her first diet at the age of 12 and has vivid memories of her mother serving her bowls

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How can your Intuition help you lose weight? | Interview with Dr. Pedram Shojai

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Stress activates a chemical signal inside your body that tricks it into believing that you need to gain weight.
This stress response is a famine response. We can blame this on primitive adaptations stemming from our

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