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What’s Included in The Gabriel Method
Case Study Program…


1. Two 1-on-1 Coaching sessions with a Gabriel Method Specialist Coach

In the Gabriel method case study, you’ll get two highly effective one-on-one coaching sessions each month with one of my certified Gabriel method expert coaches.

We’re a small team, and I’ve personally trained and selected all of my coaches because of their talent, ability and effectiveness to help create transformation.

In these sessions my coaches will identify your personal fat triggers and give you very specific, customized and highly targeted action steps to help you solve the issues and release the excess weight forever. They’ll also help keep you on track every step of the way during your transformation.

My coaches go through a rigorous 6-month training program to understand every aspect of the Gabriel method and how to address the real issues that cause weight gain. Your private coach will help you discover exactly how to put into action what you’ve learned, how to quit dieting forever, and how to get your body to start listening to your mind again.


2. Monthly “Ask Jon” Shows – Speak with Me Directly

Every month I host my “Ask Jon” shows which is an opportunity for you to call in and speak with me directly to get any questions you have answered.

You’ll also get access to over 90 previous shows, which you can get some of my most valuable information.


3. Weekly Group Coaching Sessions With Our Experts

Each week you can work with many of our other coaches that specialize in nutrition, fitness, emotional healing, tapping in our support group expert coaching sessions.

Each of these sessions are designed to provide you with continuing inspiration and knowledge to help you make the biggest impact in your journey.


4. Action Steps Training

Each month we start with Action Steps Training.

This is a monthly video lesson where I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make simple changes in your life today that will totally transform your future.

You’ll be taken step-by-step way beyond basics of how to apply the Gabriel Method principles to your life right now so you can lose the weight and keep it off forever.


5. Instant Access to My Library of Over 50 Visualisations

This powerful library of visualizations is one of my most cherished program developments – as you get to experience the peace and comfort of the power of your mind.

Visualization is one of the more powerful methods to creating “inside out” weight loss, and you’ll have instant access to over 50 of my best visualizations.


6. 24-hour Customer Support

Write to us at any time you feel you need extra support or guidance.

We are always here, and you can reach out at any time and one of our customer support members will provide you with the most up to date information directly from coaches and myself.


7. Instant Access to The Gabriel Method Support Group Facebook Group

Speak with me live in the support group with your lifetime access to this exclusive group of over 1000 people who uplift and support each other in their journey.

I regularly comment and interact with the members of this group, so it’s one of the best ways to keep in touch together.


8. Plus Instant Access to ANY of the Digital Programs in the Gabriel Method Library you’d like…

The entire Gabriel Method library is yours to consume (Valued at over $2,000.00). At any time you can request access to any of the programs which will help you along the way.

This includes every program and support product I’ve created over the last 10 years, such as…

Programs Include:

  • New You In The New Year Image

    New You In The New Year
    Value : $599

  • Gabriel Method Detox Image

    Gabriel Method Detox
    Value : $394

  • Total Transformation Package Image

    Total Transformation Package
    Value : $306

  • Mind Body Weightloss Summit Image

    Mind Body Weightloss Summit
    Value : $297

  • Gabriel Method Immersion Course Image

    Gabriel Method Immersion Course
    Value : $219

  • Start Your Transformation Image

    Start Your Transformation
    Value : $199

  • 21 Day Meditation Image

    21 Day Meditation
    Value : $89

  • Yoga For Weightloss

    Yoga For Weightloss
    Value : $69

  • Tapping for Weight Loss

    Tapping for Weight Loss
    Value : $69

  • Cellular Wisdom

    Cellular Wisdom
    Value : $49

  • Gabriel Method Fitness

    Gabriel Method Fitness
    Value : $49

  • Gabriel Method Recipe E-Book

    Gabriel Method Recipe E-Book
    Value : $49

  • Gabriel Method Support Group

    12 Months Access to Gabriel Method Support Group
    Value : $480

  • Fit Kids Revolution

    Fit Kids Revolution Program
    Value : $199

Total Value of Programs is Over $3800

Case Study Exclusive Coaching Program Includes:

  • 2 One-on-One Coaching Sessions a month with a Gabriel Method Certified Coach
    Value : $300
  • Access to the entire Gabriel Method Program Library
    Value : Over $2000
  • Access to the Gabriel Method Support Group where
    you can…

    • Speak to Jon Directly in his Ask Jon Shows
    • Access The Visualization Library (Over 50 Visualizations)
    • Weekly Live Group Coaching Session

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Total Coaching Value : Over $2300/Month




Hi my name is Jon Gabriel and as you probably know I lost over 220 pounds without restrictive dieting and extreme exercise and I’ve been the same weight now since 2004.

And what I’ve learned through my research and experience is that if you need to lose 20, 40 or even 100lbs or more – and you’ve tried and failed at dieting – in order to keep you safe. it means your biological FAT Switch is on and your body thinks it needs excess weight.

Here’s the problem…

jon before after

In your mind, you desperately want to be thin and you’ve tried everything—diets, exercises, pills and even deprivation—but your body fights back with cravings that are out of your control. It’s as if your body wants to be fat.

The bad news…

If you’re experiencing this struggle now it just gets worse and worse. If you don’t find a solution, you’ll most-likely continue to gain weight and your health will decline with each passing year.

But here’s the good news…

There is a solution. And it’s not like anything you’ve ever tried before. The approach you’re about to learn is medically-backed, scientifically-sound, and 100% safe and natural.

This is the same approach I presented to The American Holistic Medical Association, and the same thing I taught in my best-selling book, The Gabriel Method. This approach is currently used by medical doctors, therapists, and weight loss coaches all over the world.

And why is it so different?

First and foremost, there are no extreme diets or hardcore gym workouts involved. Overeating is a symptom, not the cause of your weight gain, and The Gabriel Method focuses on bringing your body and mind back into balance.

We treat the root causes of the problem, and are able to re-establish hormonal and emotional harmony within your mind and body.

With The Gabriel Method approach, weight loss becomes enjoyable. The ultimate goal is to transform you into a “naturally thin” person, regardless of your age and regardless of your history with weight.

jon before after

Imagine for a Moment…

  • What if you never had “good days” or “bad days” ever again?
  • What if you actually preferred healthy, whole foods instead of sugary junk foods?
  • What if you never suffered from cravings anymore?
  • And what if you could close the door on your weight problem once and for all—and just be done with it?

Which brings me to why I’m writing to you today…

Millions of people to date have read my books, listened to my visualizations and watched my documentary films, and countless people have experienced huge weight loss successes all on their own.

You can see their photos and stories right here on this page below… .

It’s amazing to see.

But over the years, I’ve learned that many people want and need more than just a book. That you need 1-on-1 guidance and support.

That is, sometimes what you really need is to be taken by the hand and led step-by-step through the entire process of personal transformation by someone who understand what you’re going through.

You need someone that can offer real solutions and help keep you on track every step of the way.

My story might be similar to yours…

clients before after pic and jon books collage

I Yo-Yo Dieted for Nearly a Decade…

When I moved to New York City in my early 30′s, I started gaining weight slowly. Looking back, I can see that the stress of my Wall Street job, my abusive business partner, and the financial challenges of trying to make it in New York were the big triggers for my weight gain…

… but my attempts to fix the problem with diets actually made it worse since, like most people, I wasn’t addressing the real causes. Stress caused me to gain, and then chronic dieting exacerbated the problem. It made it nearly impossible for me to lose weight, and eventually led me to obesity.

With each diet, I’d lose 10 lbs, then put back on 13 or 14 lbs more.

I didn’t know this then, but today, after 8 years biomedical research and over 10 years working with private coaching clients, I now know that dieting actually makes you fat.

Here’s how the vicious dieting cycle works…

Yo-Yo Dieted for Nearly a Decade…

Here’s why dieting makes you fat &
Why You need to Stop Dieting Right Now…

fat famine temprature

Dieting tricks your body into thinking you’re in a famine state. You restrict yourself of certain foods and make yourself hungry all time – which communicates a really strong message to your body…

Starvation & Famine.

Your biochemistry and hormones then become altered and you go into fat storage mode, just like an animal preparing to hibernate for the winter.

FAT stands for “famine” and “temperature”, and when your FAT programs are switched on, you crave food uncontrollably, far beyond your daily intake needs.

This is what generally happens when you diet. And worse yet, the more you diet, the more efficient your body becomes at storing fat, and the more difficult it becomes to lose the weight.

It’s the ultimate catch-22. Dieting, in actuality, makes you fatter; and everyone who has tried and failed to lose weight knows this from first-hand experience.

I was desperate to lose the weight, but the tough part was that…

Even the “Gurus” Couldn’t Help Me…

First, I tried a low fat, whole grain approach at the famous Pritikin Institute in California. That cost me nearly $5,000, and even though I did lose some weight at first, as always, the weight came right back on once I left the center.

So I then tried the Atkins “low carb” diet.

The “low carb” approach was all the rage at the time, so I was convinced this would work. But just to be sure that I did it right, I paid Dr. Atkins himself thousands of dollars to work with me personally.

He was the leading authority of the time, and I was 100% committed. I believed this was the solution, so I dove in headfirst.


There I was, weighing over 400lbs, and suddenly I’m now hyper-vigilant about removing the buns from my burgers, rejecting anything with carbs, and eating eggs and chicken non-stop for what seemed like an eternity.

Looking back, it’s laughable to think that simply eating “low carb” was going to solve my problem, but I’m sure you know the feeling when you’ll literally try anything to lose the weight.

When I told Dr. Atkins that his approach wasn’t working, he said: “What are you doing, jon? You’re killing yourself!”

Dr. Atkins has sold over 15 million books on weight loss, and the best he could do was yell at me. That was all the proof I needed to realize that most people teaching weight loss have no idea what goes on inside your body, inside your brain—and they clearly have no idea how to help people like you and me.