Why is it that you can eat very little and still not lose any weight?

You may have insulin resistance, a hormonal, metabolic condition that reduces or removes your ability to burn fat.

A diet won’t solve that problem — the only real fix is changing your body on a hormonal level.

So why do we have such a focus on calories-in, calories-out?

As nutrition expert and author Jonathan Bailor says: the calorie myth is one of the most pervasive (and wrong) ideas we have about weight loss.


In truth, calories are just a small part of the bigger picture of nutrition and health!

The most nefarious calorie myth is the idea that the number of calories listed for a food determines how healthy the food is — or isn’t.

Corporations and restaurants market food as “healthy” just because they reduce the serving size and number of calories, but the calorie number isn’t the whole story!

Think of food as information for your body — the chemicals in food can tell your body to elevate or reduce inflammation, grow healthy bacteria in your gut, or boost your energy levels.

Jonathan explains: “Eating more of the healing types of foods is going to heal you faster than if you just eat less of everything.”

This is a far healthier and more logical way of looking at food! And much more helpful when it comes to healing insulin resistance!