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Seared Tuna Steak with Cucumber Radish and Fennel Salad – A Perfect Summer Recipe

By |Nutrition|

A perfect Gabriel Method meal includes incorporating the big 3:

Omega 3s
Living Greens

This recipe is a great way to get all 3 of these into one meal.So if you’re looking for dinner inspiration that will

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Don’t Wait On the Weight! A Message On the Importance of Living Now

By |Emotions & Hormones|

“Tell me what your life will look like when you’ve lost 40lbs. That’s what you want, so go do it now!” – Sarah Jenks, founder of Live More, Weigh Less. I recently interviewed Sarah Jenks, founder and weight loss coach of Live More, Weigh Less,...

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How To Make Homemade Sauerkraut – A Quick and Simple Recipe

By |Nutrition|

Fermented veggies are one of the healthiest foods you can eat because they’re loaded with probiotic-rich, ‘friendly’ bacteria that help to heal your digestion. Studies are coming out all the time linking friendly bacteria to weight loss, so eating more fermented veggies is a great way...

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More Proof: How Gut Bacteria Affects Your Weight [VIDEO]

By |Digestion|

It turns out that hibernating bears offer another piece of the puzzle as to how to sustain permanent weight loss and that is—friendly bacteria. More and more studies are linking bacteria in your intestines to weight gain. If you have the wrong type of bacteria in your intestines, you will gain weight. Likewise, if you have the right type of bacteria in your intestines, you will lose weight.

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Why Eating Fermented Foods Will Help You Lose Weight

By |Nutrition|

Eating fermented foods has been making a huge comeback among people in-the-know these days. Most of these foods have a sour and savory flavor, and although sour is not a taste we’re accustomed to

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How To Make Your Body Want To Be Thin

By |Hormones|

Have you ever wondered why some people can eat anything they want and never gain an ounce and others just have to look at an ice cream to gain weight?

The answer may not

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How to Lose Weight & Burn Fat While You Sleep

By |Sleep|

Those of you who are familiar with The Gabriel Method will be aware that one of the things we’re always talking about is hormones. Your body’s hormonal environment is crucial to how your body

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Turn Off Your Fat Switches & Achieve Permanent Sustainable Weight Loss

By |FAT Programs|

The weight loss journey can be extremely frustrating, exhausting, confusing… and at best a rollercoaster.

I know this journey very well. Back in 2001, I weighed more than 400 pounds.

After years of yo-yo

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6 Tips on How To Shop Healthy On A Budget, & Still Lose Weight

By |Healthy Eating|

How do you eat a nutritious diet while keeping your grocery bill low?

This is a common question I get from a lot of our community.

It can seem like a catch-22 when you want to eat

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Are You Starving for Salt?

By |Nutrition|

Starving for any kind of food is going to make your body gain weight. This is true for several reasons…

First, when we’re deficient in any nutrient, our bodies stay hungry until we get

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