The Have it All (un)Diet Secrets

Nutrition Redefined with Heather Fleming



  • Why Diets Make You Fat
  • How You Can “Have It All” and Lose Weight
  • Why Modern Life Can Lead to Weight Gain
  • How to Eat for Energy

HEATHER FLEMING is the founder of the Conscious Nutrition Program & Author of the “Have it ALL Diet”. Her personal inspiration toward helping others live a life of feeling well and energized started with a degree in Nutritional Science, from the University of Nebraska. She pursued the medical field, only finding it wasn’t the right fit. However, she feels she can assist others to understand their bodies and discover how common sense and self-discovery can heal the body. She utilizes and combines nutritional science, mind-full practices, emotional support, and nutrition intuition to assist clients to develop the healthy lifestyle they desire.

She is an inspirational speaker and offers a variety of topics to encourage your employees, friends and family to become empowered toward optimal wellness. Heather believes you are your best guru for your body, and we want to support you during the process of learning more about your body and health. She will be taking her boards & receiving her credentials as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist in March 2013.

ABOUT THIS CLASS – this series of 4 webinars is produced by The Gabriel Method and is available free of charge to introduce you to some of The Gabriel Method Coaches and their holistic, mind-body approach to weight loss.

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What UCE Members Are Saying

“It feels awesome to have someone in your corner fighting for you and wanting you to succeed”

I have found it extremely helpful you have access to someone whenever you have questions, you get specialized help and appointments with specialists that have your specific needs in mind. It's amazing. It feels awesome to have someone in your corner fighting for you and wanting you to succeed. Sometimes you just need that.

Quite positive so far. The specialist coaching sessions have been great.

The ultimate life changer.

I am loving it!

“A life changing course”

I have just started it. I spoke to the nutritionist last week, which was great. Then I will be speaking to my assigned coach. I’ve received my box of amazing books and films. So far, I am very impressed. I have to learn to not be resistant to cooking and creating lovely recipes. So yes, I would say it is definitely is a life changing course, even though I am in very early days.

“The program is awesome”

I am in the UCE. The program is awesome, and working with Jon and the coaches is really helpful.

“Wonderful to have this warm support network”

The UCE provided a framework of security. You have a monthly mentor that helps with pacing and learning the aspects of the program, and is a steady presence to bounce your experience off of. In addition, you have another session each month with a specialist, depending on the issues you are facing. There are a number of additional online resources to utilize as stepping stones of knowledge. Then there is the opportunity to talk with Jon. His conversations are always valuable and full of insight into whatever the issue, large or small. It is wonderful to have this warm support network, making it safe and easy to face the challenges that come up. No embarrassment or discomfort, just loving support. I added 3 additional months, as I valued the structure so much. It's well worth it.

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